Comic and Manga the Weekly update!

Posted: February 14, 2012 by solidjackal in Action, Aquaman, Batman, Batwing, Book reviews, Comics, Fairy Tail, Flash, Green Lantern, Justice League, Manga, One piece, Superman, Weekly Update
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Games is one of the many things I love, comics and manga is the other. Recently I have been reading DC’s new 52, part of the entire superhero universe being rebooted to bring in new readers (it worked on me). Out of the 52 books they release I read seven, Batman, Action, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Justice League and Batwing. So far Batman has been the best title among the Justice League (out of the heroes that I read, Wonder Woman being the only exception. It is not that I will not read the book because she is a woman, I really have no interest in her. I could say the same about Aquaman but the only reason I am reading that book is because of Geoff Johns).

Batman fighting against the court of owls and Talon, truly one of the great villains to be introduced in the new 52. Flash and Green Lantern, I picked up because of Flashpoint (the cause of the reboot to the universe) and Blackest Night, Brightest Day arcs. It blew my mind what Geoff Johns planned with the universe with both arcs.

The next book I have never liked or read or even cared to read about his past and the villains he faces. But I saw this as a good place to start because for the most part Aquaman is starting from the beginning but you still need to know a little bit about his past to understand some of the story but not a lot. Up next is Bat-wing, truly a new book and hero to be added to the new 52 and part of the Batman Inc. storyline (I might talk about this in another post) Basically he is the Batman in Africa. It is a fairly violent book and I like the way the story is shape up, I hope this book manages to stay for a long time much like the Batman.

Next I want to talk about the Manga I read (Japanese comics), well not all of them just the ones that I get happy every week when I see a new chapter is online. One piece and Fairy tail. I will talk more about One piece than Fairy tail but these are two of the three manga’s I love (Death note being another).

Every Friday or Saturday I am going to review the comics and chapters I have read during the week. For now I am going to be calling it the Weekly Update till I get a better name but I might include games in here but that will be its own thing later on.


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