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Posted: February 15, 2012 by solidjackal in Games
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With the rise of smart phones and apps store, mobile gaming is on the rise. Anyone can make games for iOS and Android phones, for game systems like the 3DS and PSV is maybe seeing the end of the line. Nintendo has been in the handheld game for a long time, most can argue that they started it with the gameboy back in the day and even though they had some competition from the game gear and the N-gage. Nintendo always managed to pull ahead while the competition failed and disappeared.

In my opinion, the life of the PSP was a failure well only outside of Japan to be honest. There has not been a game released in North America for a long time and the last game I got for my PSP was BluzBlu because I happen to be a big fighting game fan. Now all I use my PSP is for music, while I bought a DSi to play games.

I spend a lot of money on my PSP and I am upset that Sony  America just dropped support for the system. This happened because the system was hacked wide open and people could get any game they wanted without paying for it. Every time Sony though they fixed the problem , the hackers found a way around to a point that no one wanted to make games for the system because they will make no money from it . In turn that left people like myself out in the cold using the PSP as a music or video player .

With the launch of the PSV they are hoping the hacking will stop and hope game publishers will start to make games for the system. I am going to wait till there is at least a big library of games and a price drop as well will help a lot.

I really do not see the handheld gaming of the PSV and 3DS moving past these two systems. Most people nowadays want a device that can do more than one thing, they want it to be a phone, music player, game system, camera and so forth. Only time can tell when we will getting holodecks to play games on, that is something I cannot wait for. I really wish that technology can hurry up.


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