Minecraft and Mojang

Posted: February 17, 2012 by solidjackal in Games, Indie gaming
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I wrote an article talking about the kickstarter fund and Double fine (if you did not read it I am upset with you, go read that and come back). Now I want to talk about Minecraft and how Notch is a genius and how I think no one else might be able to get away with the same idea again.

The development cycle for most games are two years mostly depending on the type of game it is. The most information people find out about the game is the name and a few screenshots at that moment, half a year goes by and maybe few more pictures and a CGI trailer. This cycle goes on for a till around the release date when we get screenshots, trailers and a demo dumped on us from every gaming media outlet in order to get people hyped for the game. Game companies sometimes will release betas for test features to see if it will work under stress and other conditions  This is the normal for the gamer to deal with and it nothing out of the ordinary. Notch (creator of Minecraft) thought why not try something else, he release his alpha code for minecraft at a reduced price for players to buy. Giving them a chance to pay in order to fund him fixing the game, promising future updates free of charge. The uniqueness for this pricing along with the strange graphic and lego like world the game became the talk of the gaming world. Over night the game had become famous , players paid to play a alpha and beta version of a game and created huge masterpieces within the gaming world.

I believe this price model will be hard to pull off again. Gamers will not throw down 10-15 dollars on a game from an unknown developer even before the game is out forget about buying it after it is polished and fixed. The internet generation is a  fickle bunch, starting “wars” over the small things. Then having the early generation (I believe I am in this generation) stated things like when I was your age I played better games than the shit today and so on (I really believe I can go over about the bullshit people post online and how foolish it is to compare different time periods. My favourite comparisons is between the 1920’s and now, utter crap but I will not get into that now or ever). Gamers want everything to be bug free and ready to go when it launches, to some degree I agree but not everything will work out like that. Anyways Notch I salute you for bring change to the gaming world, coming from no where and now being a millionaire.


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