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Posted: February 18, 2012 by solidjackal in Batman, Book reviews, Comics, Manga, One piece, Weekly Update
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Here it is, the very first weekly review. As time goes on (and I hope I add people to this), I will add other reviews like movies, more comics and so on.

(I am starting the review fairly deep in the story line, so I will assume you know the story but if not you can read it can get caught up because I was going to writing a quick summary but decided it was too long to try and do that. I might have in the future if people want it.)

Chapter 657:

Last time the crew got a call for help on a mysterious land which was on fire. Luffy, Zoro, Usopp and Robin went to the Island leaving Sanji, Nami, Brook, Franky and Chopper on the ship. While on the island called Punk Hazard, they met a dragon who started to talk to him and in turn attacked them. After Zoro sliced his head off, they found a pair of legs sticking out of the dragon head. Pulling the legs out they find out that it has no body but is still able to move and talk. While on the ship the rest of the crew was gassed and kidnapped by some unknown group.

Luffy gets the legs stuck to him and as usually has some fun with it, calling himself a centaur. Then they see a even stranger sight, snow across a lake from the fire land.Then we cut to the rest of the crew locked in a cell with Sanji trying to break the door down (I think) but no luck. Then they see a talking head, which is sliced into eight pieces (I am pretty sure it goes with the legs the others found but it is still missing the body then). We find out that the head is a samurai (Zoro is most likely going to be trying his sword skill against the samurais, if there is more than one) and he is looking for his son.

This chapter is fairly uneventful expect from the fact that after escape the cell the crew runs into giant babies. This chapter is to set everything up and I cannot except them to go full out right after what happened in fishman Island (please refer to the link on the top to catch you up if you do not know what I am talking about). I am really curious who the main villain of this arc is going to be and cannot wait for smoker to show up as we know he is on this way to the island to get luffy.

#6: Beneath the Glass

After being attacked by Talon and thrown into the maze of the owls. Batman has been missing from Gotham for around a week. Slowing losing his sanity, thinking he is turning into an Owl as well as being drugged. He is really weak, which means it is the prefect time for Talon to strike. This is the first time we see the members of the court, the way Capullo drew them as similar to Black Mirror where they seems almost like monsters more than human.

Just before Talon started fighting Batman, he said something really interesting. Your bones will be used as sign to deter villains, the court has only given this honour to three other

Batman #6 - Comic Book Cover

people. That line is interesting, three other “Heroes” from (most likely) Gotham’s past by faced the court and they all lost. Another interesting moment was when Talon gave the court a broken bat, in this moment we (rather I) see something Batman has never done while wearing the suit. Have tears roll down the side of his face when he saw Alan Wayne his great great grandfather.

This gave Batman a little more strength to power through the pain. He started to mock Talon and the final fight between to the two was done in scale model of Gotham. This is a foreshadow, of what the fight will really be once it is taken to the street of Gotham. The city will be tore apart, in true Batman form he is able to defeat Talon and escape  barely hold on for dear life. The fate of Batman is unknown by the end of the book but one thing is for sure there are more Talons kept in the maze and they are all about to be woke up.


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