The Linsanity

Posted: February 21, 2012 by solidjackal in NBA
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I am sure everyone know that face by now, even my mom knows who he is and actually sits down to watch him play. If by some chance you have no idea who that is I will tell you (first off you need to watch more TV or read the news I mean come on), he is Jeremy Lin a basketball player. What makes him so special? Why are people talking about him? I do not watch the news so can you please tell me! I need to know.

Okay I will tell you, he has basically come out of no where and made a name for himself on the New York Knicks. I could go on and on about the stats he has and what is has done till this point but that is not what I do (plus I am too lazy to type that up also google is your friend). The question I ask is what is going to happen in two years time? New york is going to make it to the playoff but how far will they actually make it? Making it to the playoffs in the Eastern Conference is not that hard when you compare it to the Western Conference. Most of the best team are in the WC, the Lakers, Clippers Spurs, and last years champs the Mavs.

I really doubt Knicks will be able to pull a championship run this year, I can see them going  to make round 2 maybe the conference finals but not the NBA finals. Regardless of what happens to the Knicks season, Jeremy is going to make a lot of money off season doing ads for various companies and even more on the court. But if he will not able to get the Knicks to the finals and maybe win the championship he will slowly be pushed out of the limelight. Also I am pretty sure some other team need to win at least 3 championship in a row to show that the trade that happened two years ago was not a totally waste (Heat). Also I like how it went from talking about James, Bosh and Wade to only about James and Wade. (Btw I am a Raptors fan and am some what hurt by Bosh leaving but he had to do it sooner or later)

In the end Lin’s rise to fame will only go higher if he manages to win only one ring in he basketball career because he will always be know as the player who worked hard, came out of no where to make his mark and led NYK to the NBA finals.


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