Justice League Doom

Posted: February 22, 2012 by solidjackal in Batman, Comics, Justice League, Movie
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This is the latest movie from DC to be straight to blu-ray. The movie focuses on the Justice League (as you can tell from the title) and Batman. The story is taken from the graphic novel JLA: Tower of Babel. First off, I have not read the book or the wikipedia summary of the book and must say after reading the summary my outlook of the movie has changed drastically, for the worse.

First off the Justice league is made up of seven members Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman and Martin Manhunter. Not having one of the founding members of the JLA (Aquaman) in the movie is a bad way to start but considering the fact that before the New 52 Aquaman was not really that well liked, this is something I can over look. That aside lets start with the review of the movie

The whole idea behind the book and movie is that Batman has created plans for each of the member of the Justice League in case one or all of them were to turn evil under their own will or someone else. Batman has these files locked away on the bat computer in his cave, the thing is no one in the Justice League knows he has these plans in his computer. Unknowingly to the Batman, his computer gets hacked and the files are stolen and this is where the movie truly begins. As each of the six (not seven) member gets attacked, no one knows how or why this is happening expect the Batman.

The main villain in the book was Ra’s Al Ghul and in the movie it is Vandel Savage, both have the ability to live for a really long time but the latter half as being alive since the stone age. That fact is besides the point, normally when DC makes their graphic novels into movies they just cut out a few parts here and there but changing the main villain and inturn the main reason why each one is doing this. So till I get my hands on JLA: Tower of Babel I will not give this review a score, Savage wanted to take out the JLA because he wanted to bring the earth back to square one (I am not going to spoil it for you in case you want to watch it) Of course since this is the comic book you can guess how the movie will turn out.

My “score” on this movie is, it is a decent movie. You should give it a watch if you see it on TV or if you rent it on Blu-ray.

  1. kuttysajan says:

    I have a request. Could you do a post on just Aquaman?! Just an intro to Aquaman and your opinions of him. It might be interesting since he is not as popular as Superman, Batman etc.

    • solidjackal says:

      I might in the future but not really now because I am not to familiar with him as I would like to be to write something good.

  2. Ben says:

    I like how you guys are commenting on the article rather than just messaging each other….

  3. VerryJerry says:

    finally saw it, thought it was better than the other justice league movies they spawned out and maybe even public enemies.

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