Weekly Review #2

Posted: February 25, 2012 by solidjackal in Aquaman, Book reviews, Comics, Fairy Tail, Flash, Manga, Weekly Update
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Here is it the second issue of the weekly review, in case you missed the first one here it is. First Issue, but first a little rant about the site . It has been a week and some since I have launched this site and I must say we have gotten quite a lot of people visiting. This makes me happy and hopefully this will continue to raise as the weeks go by, I have decided to have summaries for various games, comics or manga (I need be) on a new page called “Story so Far”  . Now to this weeks review after the break you will find reviews for:

Fairy Tail Chapter 272:

It is Round 2 of the Battle Games. It is Raven tail’s Flare vs Fairy Tail’s Lucy, the fight started off fairly evenly matched but Flare decided to cheat forcing Lucy to take the beating from her without fighting back or saying anything. But Natsu upon hearing this charges towards the trap set up by Flare destroying it and thus letting Lucy fight again. She calls on Gemini and casts her most powerful spell, Flare is paralyzed by fear unable to do anything to stop the spell. When it seemed that Fairy Tail was about to win something happened causing the spell to disappear and in turn Lucy fainting from using all her magical power. For the first time Fairy Tail is a guild that is looked down upon and laughed at, something we have never seen because they have the most powerful wizards and were at one point the top guild. It is interesting to see how this story is going to play out and I cannot wait for the next chapter is this epic tale.

FLASH #6: Revenge Best Served Cold

This is the first time we get to see Captain Cold but this is not the first time Flash has fought him. Captain Cold has changed in the new 52, before he used to a freeze gun (similar to Mr. Freeze from the Batman universe) but now he is able to freeze things without his gun. Flash acknowledges this change which means Cold has his guns with him at one point and this change happened in the last five years. Who turned Cold into a Metahuman? We are most likely going to find out in the later issues. In the last issue, we found that that the more Flash runs the more he puts the world in danger because he might cause a wormhole. There is proof shown of random sightings in the past of technology showing up where is does not belong. Darwin Elias showed Flash all of this and told him what is going to happen if he did not stop, so he build the cosmic treadmill (or what I think it might be called in later issues). This treadmill has the ability to store excess energy from the Flash so there is not a major catastrophe, as well as making him a HUD telling him how close he is to reaching critical mass.

Okay now all that is out of the way, I can tell you what I think of this issue. This is the first time we get to see Flash fight one of his old enemy, and he is having a hard time fight him. Because of the nature of Cold’s power, it causes Flash to slow down near him and enough time for Cold to punch him. Something you do not normally see with Flash fights. Also because of this Flash has a hard time trying to save citizens who were caught on a ship dangling off an ice stand made by Cold. All in all the issues kept you on your toes as it jumped back and forth between a day catching you up with what has happened to that point and why Cold is trying to kill the Flash.

AQUAMAN #6: Mera Unleashed

The first page is a flashback to four years ago where we see Mera training to kill Aquaman. The fact that is she is now called Aquawomen is freaky because of that fact alone, she

might try to kill you. That is beside the point, the issue focuses on Mera going to the store and buying dog food, so it is basically her first interaction with the world with out Aquaman. By the cover you can tell chaos ensues, on a lot story wise happens in this issue we only get to see the fighting skill of Mera and how truly badass she is. The last issue Aquaman is now trying to figure out who sunk Atlantis and the last page of this issue ties back into the story. I guess this was to build Mera by herself instead of only having her show up with Aquaman. Also she does make a friend in the supermarket (after she goes on a rampage when the manager tries to get her to undress, that is really dumb on his part) Also the whole market scene was very awkward and kind of dumb to read. I did not really understand the need to have the manager act like an idiot. If you are reading up for the story you could skip this, I do not think it will affect the story line as whole but who knows maybe her friend could come into play some where down the line. (I am not foreshaowding anything, I truly know nothing about Aquaman, the allies [aside from the Justice League] and the enemies he faces.)


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