Pokemon Gray (not)

Posted: February 26, 2012 by solidjackal in Games
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Pokemon Red/Blue and Yellow,Pokemon Gold /Sliver and Crystal, Pokemon Ruby/ Sapphire and Emerald, Pokemon Diamond/Pearl and  Platinum, last but not least Pokemon Black/White. These are the first five generation of pokemon and I have played all generation expect the fourth. There are always two Pokemon games released at the same time with different pokemon not able in the other, this courage’s two things. Trade pokemon with your friends or buy both games. The big draw between each game (from the second generation onward) was the legendary pokemon (which is displayed on the cartridge or box of the game) that means you were able to fight and then catch the pokemon were the other legendary still in the game will be caught by a NPC. Then a year or two later another version of the game would be released with all the the exclusive pokemon from both games as well as updated features.

This has happened so much that with the release of Pokemon Black and White, as well as looking at the older games people predicted at the updated version of the game will be called Pokemon Grey.  Today we found out that everyone was wrong, the updated game will not be called grey in fact there will be two games and they will be called Black 2 and White 2.

I bought a DSi just to play pokemon and I have logged around 80 hours into the game and I am still going to log more into the game. I knew something like this was going to be announced and I was going to buy it but this means I will have to choose again which version I want to get. From the picture alone, they are the same legendary pokemon but they have fused with one of the other legendary which explains the blue “armor” they have on. Before I make a decision on which game to buy I am pretty sure I will  have to wait till it is out in Japan before it even comes to North America and I hope Nintendo does not make this for the 3DS by adding stupid 3D gimmicks to the updated gameplay.


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