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Posted: February 27, 2012 by solidjackal in Batman, Book reviews
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This is my first graphic novel review and I was thinking since I am a Batman fan and I was looking at my collection on which one I which do first and three books stood out. If you cannot tell from the title of this, I am doing a review on Frank Miller’s work on the Batman. He has also done Sin City and 300 to name some of his other works. The three books I am going to be talking about are th e start and end of Batman’s career as a crime fighter. Batman: Year one, Dark knight return and The Dark knight strikes again.

Batman: Year One
 This focuses on the beginning of both Bruce become the Batman and Jim Gordon starting his job on the corrupted police force.  We see Batman training himself but he has not yet created the Batman image. Another character we see the origin in this book is Catwoman, Selina Kyle she does not play a big part it the story of Batman and Jim. Trying to figure out the underworld Bruce nearly bleeds to death as he make a mistake with a fight with a pimp and when the police got involved. After this he knows he can no longer be reckless and go out at night dressed like a thug but he need to strike fear into his enemies. If you have followed the Batman mythology, you remember Bruce sitting in his chair bleeding out and then the bat come crashing through the window thus starting his life as the Batman. This is a an iconic image in most Batman fans memory, also if you have seen the Batman Begins movie (by Christoper Nolan) there are two things that he used from this book and used in the movie. One was the ultra sonic receiver which Batman used to call the bats to help him escape from the police. And the ending of both the movie and book are similar, and I have to say when I saw the ending of Batman Begins I got so excited. All in all this book is worth reading and adding to your Graphic novel if you are looking to start one.
Batman: The Dark knight Returns
 The second image posted above is an ionic image. It truly is amazing, anyways on to the story on the book. Bruce Wayne is now 56 years old, and it has been 10 years since Gotham has seen the Batman. He retired after the death of Jason Todd the second robin because of that most of his enemies have been treated and are no longer interested in running amok, most the Joker. But Gotham is ruled by a new menace called the Mutants forcing Batman to come out of retirement and once again deal with the problems in Gotham. This is an interesting way to see the Batman, old and no longer able to do things he did in the “younger years”. The book ends in a really amazing fashion, a fist fight with Superman. Another book to read and add to your collection.
Batman: The Dark knight Strikes Again
 This book takes place some time after the Dark knight Returns and the Batman is building an army to fight the corruption in the government where Lex Luthor and Brainiac and controlling everything. As well as Superman, Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel. It is quite a amazing story and if I start explaining bits of the story then I feel I might spoil the book. SO pick it up and start reading.
These three books are worth looking into if you want to see the start and “end” of Batman’s career. Also since the Dark knight Returns and Strikes again were written in the 80’s the art style is fairly strange for those used to the art style now. Do not let that stop you from reading three epic story written by a really good writer, Frank Miller.

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