Assassin’s Creed 3 Image LEAKED!

Posted: March 1, 2012 by VerryJerry in Games
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  Title says it all–apparently a Best Buy internal employee news which was sent by Kotaku by an employee.

Anyway forget that, just look at the picture!!

So I take the time period spans across the American Revolution or American Civil War so basically late 1700s to early 1800s?

This new assassin is definitely Native American and dang!– does he look badass!

There’s a bow and arrow(the most obvious hints) a tomahawk and now he carries a Revolutionary era pistol!! (so american revolution then)

I’d love to see how they explain the ancestor lineage from Italian to native American because it’s only a few centuries…Also gotta love the Assassin’s Creed symbolism on the belt, that’s

really cool!

As a matter of fact a friend of mine told me the real secret of how it all went down;
You see with historical knowledge, Italians and native-Americans would have only met may be a few decades before the revolution.

And given social stigma at the time of colonization, it was not enough for an
ancestor to have existed unless…

there had been a mixed couple! Probably

Pocahontas was the story of this assassin’s lineage!( after all she did marry an European didn’t she??)

If that’s true– I’d buy that Pocahontas arc, in fact I’d support it! Ubisoft, you hear me?! Let it be done!!

This is just awesome already, what do you guys think?


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