I hate Zombie games!

Posted: March 3, 2012 by solidjackal in Games
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The title says it all. I hate Zombie games and mods based on zombies, I cannot explain why I hate them but I thought why not try write it out and see if I can put it into words.

Slow moving, body parts falling out and only have one thing they want to do, eat brains. It make no sense to me why people like this monster over all of the others. I remember playing counter strike fairly long time ago and I jumped into a random server (the way I normal do things) and started to play. The thing I did not know was that everyone was playing “Zombie mode”, which means if you are killed you head to the other team and can only use a knife. This was total rubbish to me, so I decided not to follow the rules and play the game the way it should be played. Of course this being the internet, I was yelled at by everyone, called various names and eventually got kicked out from the game. Few years later Left 4 Dead was released, you play one of four survivors who are immune to the zombie outbreak that killed almost everyone else in the world. Then the zombie outbreak spread in the real world (with zombie games) , then were everywhere! The flash games, comics, movies and TV shows.

VerryJerry (on this site) loves playing L4D2 and actually managed to convince me to buy the game and play with him. How much hours did I put into that game? a grand total of 18 hours. On the bright side I did only pay $5 of the game during a steam sale so that the only reason why I am not going to strangle him in real life for wasting my money. I also ended buying a twin stick zombie shooter on my PS3 because he wanted a co-op game to play together and was tried of me kicking his ass in street fighter. Some times I wonder why I really have him as a friend. I think the simple reason I hate Zombie games is because the gameplay never truly changes from game to game. The story and location might be different but in the end, you and maybe three other player are the last remaining people in the world and you need to shoot zombies and can never stay in one location for too long.

I think it is time to evolve the zombie character as a whole. I mean come on, slow moving things is not a threat to anyone. 28 days, Left for dead have show faster moving and stronger zombies. Doesn’t mean that are evolving as a species and getting more dangerous, doesn’t it mean that there might even be a smart zombie. That idea cannot be that out there can it?

After finally putting this into words, that rage within me will not die out. The more I think about it the more angry I get. Also I am pretty sure at one point I heard that a racing game was going to include a zombie mode just to cash in on the hype. That concept alone is crazy, I would say what game it is but I cannot remember nor can I find the game.

  1. VerryJerry says:

    actually the idea of zombies being ‘smart’ have existed but the only reason they will never have that in games because it just makes the whole gameplay harder than it already is. The whole purpose of zombie related games such as L4D series is to create teamwork and actions based on instinct rather than the whole planning out which makes it more of a thrill.

    And you have me as a friend because life without me is simply boring and useless for you dear buddy 😀

    Btw there have been other zombie games where you are to rely on stealth or tactical thinking, if only you bothered to check more instead of mods,killing floor n L4D2 series.

    Resident Evil(but you dont like the control system) then there is Dead Space(which you have but dont play) Siren(jap game on ps2) and Prototype

  2. Shanno says:

    I love zombies, but when it comes to zombie games, I’m picky. I’ve forever been a fan girl when it comes to the Resident Evil series. RE4 was definitely my recent favourite and RE5 was really good. I’m awaiting #6 with glee because I’m excited to see all the characters in one game. However, my boyfriend was playing Dead Rising 2 last weekend and I watched from my desk and find myself having no desire to play it whatsoever. It didn’t look like it had the dark and creepy atmosphere and intensity that the ones that I like have and it seemed to be more about running back and forth completing quests and less about the actual zombies and any mystery behind them. That’s what I love most about zombie games…finding out what happened to cause the outbreak and solving the problem.

    • solidjackal says:

      If you are into atmosphere and setting type of games you should look into penumbra series if you have not already. Truly the freakiest 10 mins of my life, I cannot finish the game. Maybe one day I might be able to =D.

      • Shanno says:

        My boyfriend LOVES those kind of games. I think we have almost every survival horror game ever made on the shelf. One of his faves is Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Sadly, many of them are set in a first person view and this makes it difficult for me to play because I have simulation sickness and first person can sometimes make me sick.

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