AC3 First Look (We’re actually late; Sorry)

Posted: March 5, 2012 by VerryJerry in Games
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The announcement trailer came out early this morning at 8:30 am and it looks pretty much exactly the right amount of badassness and awesomeness all mashed up into one!

So no structures to jump from but climbing trees in rapid reflexes like in Disney’s Tarzan!! How cool is that?

And so this is the new guy – Connor/Ratohnhake:ton( Raa-doon-ha-gay-doo)

From the looks of it now we really know how the British really lost the American Revolution right?

And as a fellow tuber has commented: I really hope that Mel Gibson is an unlock able character too!

that’s the link(for some reason the video does not upload on the site; working around it)

  1. thinkben92 says:

    you should check out the Halo 4 vid from 343 studios too….just saying

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