Here is it Issue #3 and it is an exciting issues as well.
One piece Chapter 658: Biscuits Room

Okay I am going to start off by saying after reading a few pages, I got bored by the chapter. That is kinda of saying a lot nice I like One piece a lot, but after Sanji and Franky started fighting it picked up and fast! We learn about the origin of the strange island, half covered in fire while the other in snow. It was the battleground for Akainu and Aokiji for the position of fleet admiral, we know Aokiji lost and has left the Marines. We are told this by Smoker, he has reached the island and I cannot wait for him to fight luffy! They are fought a lot of three times and all of them Luffy needed help from someone. First from Dragon, then Ace and then Hancock. It will be interesting to see how Smoker has grown over the two year time skip, the fight is going to be insane. It would be so crazy if Aokiji joins the crew, I am pretty sure he hate the government now and might want to get back at them. What better way to do that by joining the crew the declared war on the world!

Fairy Tail Chapter 273: Orga of Black lighting

Sabretooth over the seven year time skip has grown and are really powerful. This is the second time they are fighting in the competition and once again, they own the enemy within seconds. Orga uses thunder magic so that means once the someone attacks the competition (come on you know this is going to happen, I am guess it will go to the final four and then it will happen) and all hell breaks lose it is going to be Laxus going against Orga. Pretty sure it will be a three way battle between Sabretooth, Raven Tail, Fairy Tail and the people who attack the competition (this is me guessing what will happen not sure if it will happen). Also we get to see Jellal fight against Jura, it will be interesting to see how this fight plays out.

Justice League #6: Pandora

  The end is here! (well of this arc) Darkseid has attacked earth searching for someone, a girl and she is connected to Superman for someone. Hence why he was taken away in the last issue. At first I thought Darkseid was talking about Supergirl, harking back to Superman and Batman series the Supergirl arc where Darkseid takes her to lead his female warriors. Then thinking about it I was wrong and I will get to it later. The league barely makes it out of this fight with there lives, Darkseid was only pushed back not finished off which means he will come back and when he does it is going to be more chaotic.

The reboot of the DC univerese with the new 52 happened with flashpoint (which I am going to review soon), where Flash changes the past and therefore the future. But  as Flash tries to fix everything there is a girl who is behind everything. Her name is Pandora, she caused the change with the universe and she might be the person Darkseid is looking for. In the last few pages he learn a little bit more about her also DC has said that she has appeared in all of the first issues in the new 52 but I am not able to her in the panels (a little to lazy to re read and search for her). She plays a big role in the universe and I am curious to see how she is handled by the different writes.

Back to the story, the world now trust the superheroes but Batman is the only one who says they should act as a team. Green Lantern seemed to be against the most (mainly because he need to look after the entire universe not only earth like everyone else) but Flash gave the team their name, The Super Seven, highly doubt the name will stick for long because one of the people who they saved has already written a book about them and called them THE JUSTICE LEAGUE!


Batman Beyond Unlimited #1: 10,000 clowns 

This book actually has two stories in it. Batman Beyond and the Justice League Beyond both are from the FUTURE! (dramatic voice).

This follows the Batman Beyond show,Terry McGinnis is the new Batman for Neo Gotham and is helped by Bruce Wayne who is an old man. If you followed the show you know most of the story but I am kinda of sad that Grant Morrison’s version of Batman Beyond is not here yet. Damian Wayne is not here, maybe one day it might happen here is to hoping. There seems to be a influx of villains hitting Gotham and it is none other than the Joker or people dressed as the Joker. Nobody knows how or why this is happening but this seems to be a test for the Batman as someone is watching his every fight.

The second story in this book is JLB, which is very strange because Bruce was against Terry joining the Justice League even tho he was a founding member of JLA. Superman is still in the League along side a new Green Lantern Kai-Ro, Warhawk, AquaGirl, Micron and Big Barda. Not sure how to feel about this, aside from Batman and Superman I know no one in the League. On the other side I am curious about the FUTURE (dramatic voice) and might keep reading this for at least till 5 issues. If it does not hook me I might stop.


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