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Everything has changed with the Flashpoint.

But before I get into that there is some back story needed for this. One day when Barry Allen was coming home from school he saw cop cars parked outside his house. Running as fast as he could he raced into his house to see his mother lying in a a pool of her own blood, the blame for this murder was placed on his father. Barry know his father did not commit the crime, so he spend his life trying to find evidence to prove it. Alas his father died of a heart attack in prison and Barry could not prove his innocence, during all of this Barry had the accident that made him into the World’s fastest man The Flash. This basically want you need to know for now. I will fill in the rest as I review the book.

This was the cause of the DCU to be rebooted into the new 52 and I will talk a little about the lady in pink.

The story starts off with Barry asleep at his desk and he hears Captain Cold is attacking and another of the Flash’s villains. As normal, Barry runs out to save the day. Only problem he does not have his ring where he stores his uniform and he ends up tripping down the stairs. Then he sees something he thought he would never see, his mom, alive. Barry kinda of happy and confused tell his mom and he is the Flash and needs to find out what is going on, his mom has no idea what he is talking about and when he ask her about the justice league again she does not know. When he mentions the Batman’s name and then she said everyone knows the Batman, so Barry heads to Gotham to see if Batman knows what is going on. Even though things changes, the Batman will always be there (Barry’s mom did not say that by the way), cut to a shot of Gotham and we see the Batman, looking different. A different symbol, Wayne casinos all over Gotham, and he seems a bit more angry than normal. Cyborg approaches the Batman asking him to join a group he is putting together to stop the world from being ripped apart by WonderWoman and Aquaman!

As I write this I wonder if I should actually spoil the story and the characters in the book, you have to read the book. You will be shocked at how Barry tries to get his powers back, who caused the change in the world  and What has happened to Superman? and how does Pandora play into this change in the whole universe(we will actually find this out in the new 52 series). So If you want it spolied for you I am going to post the entire (or important parts) after the break.

The biggest shock for me was when Barry reached Wayne Manor and it looked like it was destroyed and Alfred was not there. The Bat cave was empty, no cars, no giant penny, no dinosaur, just a gun in a glass case and the family picture with a few pieces of equipment laying around. This all makes sense when Batman attacks Barry because he does not know who is he, when he tries to tell Bruce who he is then we learn something shocking (at least for me). Bruce was shot when he was a boy in crime alley, which means the person behind the mask is Thomas Wayne. Bruce’s Father. One thing I liked about this was that Thomas never told off his mask once, which means he does not trust anyone around him much like Bruce at first. Since this was a short series, I am really curious to see what happened to Batman’s allies and villains. Most of all The Joker, Dick, Jason, Tim, Gordon and so on. Also I am curious to see how Thomas choose to become the Batman as well. So with the help of Dr. Wayne, Barry sets off to recreate the accident to get his powers back and almost killing himself in the first attempt. When he gets his powers back, Barry starts looking for the rest of the Justice League and thinks his mortal enemy Reserve Flash (I might to a article about him) as gone back in time and cause this to happen.

Next shocking reveal is Superman. Instead of crashing into the field like we all know, his ship crash lands in the middle of the city killing millions. Ever since then he was unlocked away by the government and he looks skinny and pale. A farcry to what we know as (mostly) love as a comic book reader, since he did not have a chance to develop his power and show the world then gaining the name Superman. Here he is called Subject 1.

Everything leads up to a finally battle between Aquaman and his army vs Wonderwoman and her army vs Cyborg, Batman, Flash and the crew they put together. Someone else shows up in the final battle, someone only the Flash could know, Reserve Flash.  Flash attacks him and blames him to the chaos that has happened in the world, now for another shocker. Reserve Flash did not cause a change in the time stream, the Flash did! I wrote a little about his mom and how he saw he died and his father was blamed for it, Reserve Flash or first known as Professor Zoom is from the future. He was the cause for Barry’s mom death. After he found out about this Barry tried to change the past and the saving his mom he caused a chain reaction dooming the earth and the rest of the superheroes.

This book is going to be confusing to you if you do not understand at least a little about Reserve Flash and Flash’s feud which I believe is similar to the feud of Batman and Joker. One cannot kill the other.I do not suggest reading this book if it is the first Flash book you are going to read, you will be confused from start to end.


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