Weekly Review #4

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Issue #4: This week One Piece, Fairy Tail, Batwing and Action comics.This weeks comics have a few shocking reveals here and there, really worth reading before you read the reviews. Also it looks like with all the issue #7 we get the new DC logo on the comics book which was shown 2-3 months ago. It is okay not really a big fan of them.

One piece chapter 659: About my torso 

The crew is split into four groups, group one Luffy, Zoro, Usopp and Robin, group two Sanji and Franky, group three Nami and Chopper and last (not really a group) Brook is by himself. There are a huge shocker in this chapter and something else that is really interesting. First, the head with no body, the legs with no torso and a warrior with no legs. I should have seen this before, no one is the crew as seen this person fight aside from Luffy (but he will not pay attention to such stuff) but Trafalgar Law is back! The person who saved Luffy’s life after the war to get his brother back. Also Law is the first of the eleven supernovas we have seen since the time skip and a lot as changed in that time. His bounty as gone up from 200 million to 440 million, and his is now part of the Royal Seven. After the battle at Marinefold, there were only four left in the seven I wonder if anyone else from the supernovas went to fill the spot. Next luffy and his group run into one of the bosses while trying to across the lake to get to the frozen side of the island. The boss as already called out Zoro because he thinks he is responsible for what happened to his men. FIGHT!

Fairy Tail chapter 274: Bad Omen

The fight between Jella (disguised as Mytogan) and Jura starts and being a fight between two maser it is quite a epic match. Jella true reason to be in the games is to find the mysterious power that he feels every time the games happen. As he tries to fight without showing who he truly is, he wants to win for Fairy Tail so he uses an ultimate magic that will win the match for him but in turn show who is really is. Before he can finish casting it, he is stopped by his two allies watching from outside the arena because they do not want him to blow their cover just then. And just like that the match is over and Fairy Tail has lost once again.

Fairy Tail has two teams in the games and both are in the bottom in the standings. It is interesting, this is not a Fairy Tail we are used to seeing normally they are kicking ass and not taking names. I really hope whoever is working behind the scene shows up soon or that Raven Tail go against Fairy Tail in an all out battle with all the members. Aside from that this was a very uneventful chapter.

  Action #7: City in a bottle 

Since this is the start of Superman’s career and he is still developing his power, so he cannot fly, he can bleed and so on. The world hates Superman, something not seen in a long time especially for him.  Brainiac has attacked Metropolis with the help of Lex Luthor (surprise surprise), Brainiac takes a part of the city and puts it into a bottle. Superman learns for the first time who he really is and what he race of people where called. Also this is wear Superman goes from wearing his shirt and jeans to the armor we see him wear in the Justice League and Superman comics. The suit is white and has nothing on it, when he puts it on the suit changes color and put the ‘S’ shield he wore on this shirt. Brainiac gives Superman a choice, save the city and the people from Metropolis or Kandor the last remaining city and people from Krypton his home planet.

While all that is going on there is something about Steel trying to save the citizens and so on but I could care less right now about him.

The redoing of Superman’s origin is maybe one of the biggest changing in the new universe. “Pa and Ma Kent” are not around anymore, he learned a lot from both of them. Seeing how he has changed from the world knows will be interesting. This is one of few books (from what I read from the new 52) that has changed the origin or started from the very start. Batman just starts him Bruce already a few years as being the Batman, Green Lantern takes places after the events of Brightest Day, maybe Flash is the other book that starts from the beginning of his career. Even Aquaman starts a little bit later because, the world already knows about him and how is a laughing stock among the people.

O and one more thing Superman needs an air tank to breath in space. Which means there will not be space adventures coming up any time soon.

Batwing #7:Descending on Gotham 

We learn a little bit more about the kingdom, who they are and why they are being killed for what happened five years ago. I wonder if Darksied’s minions attacked Africa as well or if everything was just focused on the Leagues hometowns. Bat wing is a new character to the DC universe and the Batman family, he is part of Batman INC. plan. Since Batman cannot be everywhere at once he is spreading his name across the world and Bat wing (I think) is the first one to wear the Bat symbol in this plan. Massacre has come to Gotham to hunt down two more members of the Kingdom, Nightwing, Batgirl and Robin are helping track the two people down while Batman and Batwing are on their way to Gotham. It seems Massacre has someone helping him wearing one of the armor suits that one person in the Kingdom wore (similar to Iron man hulk buster armor). With this the seeds for the Court of Owls are being planted and cannot wait for Talon to show himself in the coming issues.

Bat wing does not know who the Batman is yet and I wonder if after the court of the owls will Batman trust him enough to keep that secret. Also I really wonder if David Zavimbe (Bat wing), is able to handle Africa because the last time I checked it was a pretty big place. Will Batman trust him enough to re create a web of allies like he did with Gotham or will Batman choose and select his own people who he thinks can hep while keeping tabs on David. As it stands now there is only one other person helping David, he plays the role of Alfred his name is Matu Ba.


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