Book Review: Deceived

Posted: March 13, 2012 by VerryJerry in Book reviews

Given that I am a big fan of anything Star Wars related(except Force Unleashed series – that never happened okay?) I have read my share of Star Wars novels. Some were great and some were just a read but then, there are a few which are just wondrously EPIC for any Star Wars fans – and this case, even a must read for the sci-fi non-Star Wars fan.

Based on the widely popular role-playing game Star Wars: The Old Republic, this story ‘Deceived’  by Paul S. Kemp takes off from the two fantastic CGI trailers that were spawned before release of the game. Before I move on with the review, watch these two trailers if you haven’t seen them before.

In chronological order of trailers… the story is set 3700 years before Luke Skywalker was born and 300 years after Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

First is ‘Hope’ where you the see the two protagonists of the book a Jedi Consular Aryn Leener  and then Republic trooper Zeerid Korr facing of Darth Malgus the first time

And then ‘Deceived’ where Darth Malgus is sacking the Jedi Temple on Coruscant facing of Aryn Leener’s Master Zen Vallow

The book starts right away from the beginning of the ‘Deceived’ trailer, where Malgus walks in with his lover/servant/squeeze Eleena a Twi’lek who stands behind him no matter how psychotic he is. I guess love is true here and blind, of course.

Deceived deciphers Malgus’s persona in a quite emotional and engaging way. Hint on the ’emotional’ arc of his story, for unlike any other Sith Lord in the story, Malgus keeps a lover, an emotional bond to himself. Malgus puts himself so much into Sith philosophy, that he believes the force is a conflict and therefore there can never be peace. Basically war is the only thing that fuels him and the force and that is all that matters. He truly is a Sith compared to the rest of the Sith Lords around him, who use the dark side of the force for personal gain and power and views on bringing order to the galaxy. This causes major tensions between the Sith Lords and Malgus. It’s the Sith remember?

Anyway, Malgus enters the Jedi Temple and with the rest of the Sith literally ‘crashes the party’ and has an all out surprise attack with the Jedi, with losses on both sides .The Sith eventually win that round, Malgus killing Master Zen Vallow, destroying the temple and the Sith having blockaded Coruscant.

Meanwhile back on Alderaan, the Sith and the Jedi are negotiating over a peace treaty near the end of the war, despite having staring conflicts and tensions rising. It is during this where Jedi Consular Aryn Leener has feels uneasiness while mediating, of something bad about to happen(sense a disturbance in the force anyone?)

When her master Ven Zallow is killed by Malgus back in Coruscant, Aryn feels immediately cut off from the Force, a vacuum, being an empath in the Force, her emotional bond between master and student is wavered. Feeling lost and without help from the Jedi who want to continue peace treaty, even after the attack on the Jedi Temple, Aryn sneaks out of Alderaan with a mixed cause of justice and revenge.

Knowing she can’t barge into Coruscant lightsabers blazing, she seeks out help from an old friend who fought with her during the wars – former Republic trooper turned smuggler Zeerid Korr.

As it turns out Korr is no less better in his current situation, given his occupation. With a crippled daughter in hiding to keep away from anyone who could use her as leverage, he dives into risky deals to get her better life and to fix her handicap. Korr is given a last chance to redeem himself after a string of bad jobs, to go on a dangerous delivery job to Coruscant while trying to avoid a rival Vrath Xizor trying to eliminate him anyway possible.

Naturally Leener finds Korr and suggests they can help each other; She needs to get Coruscant to find her Master’s killer(much to Korr’s concern for her safety) and he needs to get his job done to take care of his daughter.

I am not going much further as to what happens next, as there is a good amount of suspense and wild action to follow, from Aryn ‘s confrontation of Malgus, Malgus’s relationship with Eleena, Zeerid’s confrontation with Vrath to the relationship between Zeerid and Aryn and then some!

Malgus obviously is not killed in the book as you see him in the game(where YOU get to fight and kill him) but that just begs to know what really happened?

You don’t have to be a Star Wars fan to read this book, you don’t even need to watch the movies – just those two trailers will give you all the things you need to know before you read the book.

‘Deceived’ shines because it only dwells on the few main characters and gives them a lot of character development while the rest have their minor role that still manage to provide significance to the entire story. This makes the story more involving to the reader and just gives that feeling of watching a real epic film. It’s not a very complex story but the writing is so well done  that it just works.

You would have to be dead already, if you haven’t read this – it’s that good!

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