People behind the madness

Posted: March 14, 2012 by solidjackal in Upgrades

So it has come to my attention it is hard to find articles written by a particular author. So the best way to fix that is this, just click on the author you want to read from the list below and it will send you to a page with just the articles they have written.

Solid Jackal          Verry Jerry      KuttySajan      ThinkBen         Lindsay

Rating system:

Off the chain! – 5/5
We’re sold gold! – 4/5
Seems legit… – 3/5
Debatable- 2/5
Stay home. – 1/5
Dude, Gimme back my money! – 0/5

  1. thinkben92 says:

    this is a funny update since Requiemd and ThomasG haven’t posted anything……..

  2. VerryJerry says:

    why dont we get ben instead of Requiemd since he said he has no idea what to write lol

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