Time Sink

Posted: March 16, 2012 by solidjackal in Games, Time Sink
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Free 2 play is a amazing genre in gaming, especially when you have little to no money to spend on games. In this new series, I will play Free 2 play games that interest me in some way and then review it. I think Time Sink is a good name for the new series, what do you think? Tell me what games to play next as well as what you think about the name.

First up is two games, Team Fortess 2 and DC universe (both on PC). When both the games launched they were not free but in the last year they have changed their model for different reasons. Team fortess 2 went free to play because they mostly make money from the in game store where most people spend money on hats to wear for the different classes (some of which do not have any affect on stats, they only look so cool). DCUO went free to play because they were not making enough money with the monthly payment option and since it was competing with World of Warcraft, it was guaranteed to fail like most other MMO’s. DCUO as three level of an account you can have in the game, free, premium and legendary. For the free account you are only allowed two character slots and the only allowed to have $1,500 any extra from mission or sell stuff will go into a escort account (i think you will get that money if you upgrade to the other two or only legendary account). If you pay the monthly fee for  the game you will be upgraded to legendary account and get the existing and future DLC for free and have no limit on any thing. If for some reason you stop paying the account will then move down to premium for the life of the game.  Now that is done, here is my “review” of the games.

 TF2 is a class based shooter (as you can see in the picture), there are nine classes and you will need a balance of those classes in order to win the team objective for that map. Be it control point, CTF and payload (each team must push a bomb from one side on the map to the other, sometimes the map will have various stages to it making the game fairly long) and the standard TDM. Each class has it own unique identity and voice, some of the one liners they say are pretty funny. I have told over 200 hours into the game (all of it was before it went free to play) and I have enjoyed every single bit of it. Be warned much like play DOTA the learning curve for the game is pretty steep, you need to play around with the different classes to find out which one fits you the best and which ones you will have to switch to in order to help the team push forward. That is the biggest hurdle most players have to overcome (if you are coming from Call of Duty), you cannot be a one man army in the game. Sure you will get a lot of kills but you team will still lose.

Earlier I stated the reason the game went from to play, the in game store. This does not mean if you spend a lot of money in the store you will get the upper hand on players. Most of the items in the store can be found by playing the game, they will randomly appear and be dropped into your backpack when you die. But you do need skill in order to use the weapons you buy or get, as they have certain conditions when used. Cannot be fired from the hip, movement is slowed, and so on. It is quite a fun and if you find a server you enjoy or a group of friends to play with the game gets much better.

Be a superhero, everyone has had that dream at one point in their lives. Now the dream comes true, here is a trailer of the game

You create your own character, choosing the power, mentor, fighting style and clothes. I spend 30 mins going through the menu options making the perfect character for myself calling him whatelse, Solid Jackal. Most MMO’s this is not really an option, you just choose a race and class and go about the game getting gear and weapons adding it to your character as you get it. After spending so long choosing the clothes, I was really angry when I added new amour to my character. Not really thinking about it I double clicked on the item thus changing my pants and thro

wing so much time I spend finding the prefect one. I was tempted to delete my character and start over again but I played on. I was playing the game mad, not something I have done before but because it was a DC game I gave it a chance. A few level later I was playing around with the menu when I found a certain option called “Style”, here you can change items on your character to something else you thought looked good but still keep the stats of what you are wearing. The best of both world, I also found out that you can change the colours scheme on your character and then a I started to like the game again. I have put 25+ hours into the game and I am still having fun with it, the only other problem I have with the game is the hotbar where you store your abilities. Since the game was designed with the PS3 in mind, you are limited to eight slots with six of them being abilities, other one for your health potion and the last slot is something I am still not sure about. I have played World of Warcraft before and I have had all my abilities laid out on the screen, it was awesome. So having to pick and choose from abilities I loved with newer ones kinda of sucks but if this is your first MMO, there will be a learning curve to get used to the combat and skills but I believe you will enjoy it very much.

Warning: Since both game have been out for a while the size of both files are huge, TF2 I believe was 18GB while DCUO was 12-13GB. So if you want to download both I suggest you have really fast internet or doing it at your college or university. Also I got both games on Steam, a really good place to find free to play games and well as good deals on various other games.


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