Weekly Update #4

Posted: March 16, 2012 by solidjackal in Book reviews, Fairy Tail, Manga, One piece, Weekly Update

Once again welcome to issue #4 of the weekly review, this week I am only going to be reviewing the manga that came out this week but next week a lot of more reviews of the comics for that week. This week in One piece is pretty exciting, and Fairy Tail is still the same old guild we know.


One piece Chapter 660: Royal Shichibukai Trafalgar Law

We find out a little bit more about the kids that were held in the lab and why they were taken away from their parents. Meanwhile, Law is not allowing Smoker to enter the building saying that this is his vacation home. Smoker is not going to take no for an answer and question Law’s reason for being on the island, he goes on to tell him that the Strawhats are on the island and he is not going to be leaving there without him. Smoker knows that Law helped saved Luffy’s life, so now the this begs the question Why did Law save his life? Will Law help Luffy again? While they were arguing outside Nami, Sanji and everyone else comes bursting from the inside right in front of Smoker. A fight is about to start between Smoker and the pirates and Law activates his power. Two years ago we saw him use it and it was small area and only able to use it on small to med size things or people, but near the area is quite large and the first thing he uses it now was Smokers ship. Now we get to see Smoker and Law go at it, I wonder if Sanji will jump in or trying and save the others and the kids. I am sure Luffy can sense this after his intense training in the forest, Is he going to fall in and fight?

Fairy Tail Chapter 275: The Drunk Falcon

Day one of the games are done and Fairy Tail is that the bottom of the standings, we like seven years ago the guild still likes to have fun and drink, So nothing can stop that not even them losing the three rounds. We also see the mysterious King who is behind the games and his personal guard who may be the one who was behind the Dark feeling Jellal was getting. If the “King” is invovled or not is yet to be seen. Another new character shows he face, someone who can use drunken and wushu style of fighting  and he has fought against Erza in the past. The fight always ended in a draw and that is saying a lot since Erza is a really strong fighter.  Carla gets a vision about a future with Lucy standing among rubble of a falling building hum a song, you can see their is tears rolling from her eyes (or what looks like tears).  I can feel the action about to start really soon I just wish it will get here a bit faster but the introduction of the drunken fighter is quite interesting as I really like this kind of fighting style.


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