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Posted: March 18, 2012 by thinkben92 in Games, Tech
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Alright, this is my first official post, so take it easy on my guys. Its going to be a straight up review of the PSVita. I’ve had the opportunity to mess around with it for about two weeks now, off and on. My honest opinion about it is that I want a decent enough firmware modification to be released. Obviously something of that sort is a while away, not to mention that it is not exactly legal.

This is how the review is going to break down, first a simple  overview of the hardware, then the software, and then the interface. Cool? (note: I’m going to try to keep the tech jargon at a minimum, since I’m not entirely sure of the reader base yet)

Alright, hardware wise, this is a beast compared to all the other available items of similar purpose. This thing is a power house of processing and graphics. This is as powerful as the New iPad which released on the 16th of March. Or in more relatable of terms, a decent computer which can process games and render video files of high quality at a decent speed. It is one of the fastest handheld devices out on the market, but I’m predicting a imminent overtake by the mobile industry, speaking in terms of pure raw computing ability. So the summary, the point to take away regarding the hardware, it is a super car, a mid-level super car.

Onto the software, the UI (user interface) on this hardware monster, is suckish at best. I would have preferred if Sony had simply ported the PS3 xmb interface over. It  would have much, much better than it is currently. This is the cause for why I want a modified firmware for the Vita. I do not like the interface of the Vita in any way. I understand why there was a change, it was mainly because they wanted the touch screen to be implemented more, but to that I say, “bad move, Sony, bad move.”

The next point is the physical interface, not based on software. Personally the button layout feels natural, but this would mainly be because I play PS consoles more that Xbox consoles. I am a native to the button lay out. The back track pad, while there is a learning curve, becomes very fun to use. Sometimes I looked for excuses to swipe the back of the Vita. The mic and cameras could have been better.  I expected better from Sony. But looking at the pricing, I see why the quality is a bit lower than expected.

So quick recap, Hardware is an A+, software interface C (at best), console interface B+ (just because there is still a little bit of a learning curve involved). Overall maybe a B+, but that is because I feel generous. Honestly with the technology trend and market patterns, the primary gaming handhelds will begin to die out in a few years. I recommend to hold off from getting the Vita, only because there will be an eventual merger of the handheld gaming world and the mobile phone world. We can already see it happening with the Xperia Play model. It is inevitable.


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