Avatar: The Legend of Korra Episode 1

Posted: March 21, 2012 by solidjackal in TV
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First off the show is called Legend of Korra only, not Avatar: Legend of Korra. Which is kinda of disappointing mainly because of James Cameron’s Avatar. Anyways the release date for the show is Apirl 14, 2012 but the first episode and only first episode leaked online. The series which takes places 70 years after the end of the last show. Avatar Aang and Fire Lord Zuko put an end to the 100 year war that plagued the land but there is a short summary of what happening at the every start of the show so I am not going to talk about everything.

First off I am going to talk about the whereabouts of the main characters from the first show

Aang: Since this is the legend of Korra(the next avatar), we know Aang has passed away. How we do not know.

Katara: She is the first of the main characters we see, and she is pretty old at this stage. But after the first episode it is hard to say how much of her we will see again. She and Aang did they together and had children and one of them is a air bender master who will be teaching Korra. His name is Tenzin

Sokka (Katara’s brother): Katara says he has passed away. How we do not know? This I was a little bit sad about mainly because he was always the funniest among the group even though he never know how to bend one of the elements.

Toph: Close to the end of last show, we see her develop metal bending and has taught it to the world. If she is alive or dead is not yet know but she does have a daughter who is fairly hard headed.

Zuko: His stats is unknown for now.

The story starts off with the search of the new avatar in the water tribes. The way Korra is introduced it pretty funny, she breaks open the wall and starts bending water, fire and earth and says “I am the avatar! Deal with it!” At this point she is really young and is able to bend three out of the four elements, much better than what Aang could do. Then she is taken to train under the watchful eyes of the White Lotus. We also see two enemies that Korra will have to face down the line as avatar. One is the anti benders called the Equalists and the other is the Triad gang of benders (I cannot remember the name), it is interesting to see how the Equalists are going to face the benders since they are so against them. We also see a masked man who is the leader of the group, Amon.

I am really happy and exicted about the new series and cannot wait for April to see the rest of the episodes. This really is a show worth looking if you have not already watched it, even if you have go watch it again to get ready for this series. Who knows maybe younger characters in the Last Airbender will show up here either helping or against Korra.

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