Time Sink: The Mobile version

Posted: March 23, 2012 by solidjackal in Free 2 play, Mobile, Time Sink
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I was thinking about doing a  mobile review for an app and what better app to start of with that Angry Birds…… SPACE! First off I have to say the first Angry Birds is in no way the first of its kind. It is actually a copy of a free flash game called Crush the Castle but it  launched at the perfect time and had “cute” characters which caused it to be a big hit. I played Angry birds for the first time on my PSP and then my phone, honsetly I was not blow away by it but I did see the appeal. When I first heard about the concept of Angry Birds in Space I laughed at it, why would they do this? How will it work? and so on and so forth. When I found out that the game launched this morning, I thought why not download it and see if it was any good.

The birds have become superheroes and the pigs have taken their mischief to space. The story is told by small comic panels at the start and end of each stage, looks okay not that great but a little bit funny none the less . The game is a huge change from the flat view point from the first game, and gravity plays a big part in this game as well as the lack of it. In the game you are able to curve the birds, around the planets with the help of gravity. When I saw this in play for the first time I smiled like a little boy, it is just something about watching the bird circle the planet a few time and then hitting the all the pigs on the level earning you a high score and three stars than the first game cannot give. In the first game I was able to throw the bird basically the same way every time and have something different happen every time. So the levels boiled down to luck more than skill not say that ABS does not have the same effect but it is feels better because of the gravity mechanic. As of now there is four stages with 30 levels a stage, and one “coming soon” stage which means there will be more content in the future. How much new content is yet to be seen but judging from the first and Angry Birds season, the game will be fresh for around a year.

As of the review I am in stage 2 and have seen two new birds, you have the standard red bird then there is the small blue one which splits into three. Which I think serves a little bit more point in space than the other games. Then you have the yellow bird which shot in a straight line when you tapped the screen in the last game, but this time when you tap the screen it will move in that direction. This is really usefully in order to hit that hidden box of TNT that you could not get to normally, then there is the black bird than blows up. The last level of each stage (I assume) you have a “boss fight” which is really confusing because it does not state that is it a boss fight, as it just throws into the level like all the others. All in all the game just like the last will be an amazing time sink of people who do not have the money or interest into investing on Playstation Vita or the 3DS and you are just looking for something to pass the time while you are on the train , bus or waiting for someone. If you have played Angry Birds you must look into this and if you have not tried it yet I suggest you start here and do not bother with that, you will have more fun with this.


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