Wow. What an amazing issue 5 this is going to be, we have Green Lantern (this is late by a week because I wanted to add it in here), Batman!, Batman Beyond Unlimited, Justice League and of course One piece and Fairy Tail.


One Piece 661: Lake of Bandits 

Luffy and his group are under attack by the “boss” whose name is “Boss” Alligator Centaur, his bounty is 80 million beli. Even tho the group is strong they are at a disadvantage, one because they are in the water so Luffy and Robin cannot really fight. Two the extreme cold climate, just as they were about to be fired upon Brook comes out of nowhere to save them. Thus giving them a chance to get to safe ground and get ready for a fight. Meanwhile, Smoker and the rest of the crew are still in Law’s “Room” which means he controls everything in there , just as group 2 was about to leave he uses on of his abilities on them called “Shambles”.  The strange thing is instead of cutting the Nami and the others, he took their hearts and switched it randomly. So Nami is Franky’s body, Franky is in Chopper’s body, Chopper is in Sanji’s body and Sanji is in Nami’s body. The last one is funny, I cannot wait to see what Sanji is going to do. I wonder how long the effect is going to last, do they go back to normal once they leave his room? Smoker and his crew are in danger because Law does not want the government to know what he is doing on the island ( I am assuming he has something to do with the big kids). Also just as Tashgi (Smoker’s second in command) goes to engage Law he says, that you do not have the right level of haki to take him on as she gets cut in half. This means one thing, Smoker has Haki. So Luffy’s fight against him is going to be even harder than it was in the past. To be honest, that is the only thing I am look forward to. I want to see them go toe to toe again because the last time Hancock stepped in to stop the fight. Well assuming they are going to be fighting on the island.

Fairy Tail 276: Chariot  

Day two of the games are upon us and the first event is running along a line of moving chariots. Guess who is up for Fairy Tail A, Natsu and it seems his motion sickness is a common thing among the Dragon Slayers. Gajeel and Sabertooth’s Sting are in the same condition, this is an interesting fact to learn this deep in the story. For Gajeel this is the first time he is feeling the affects and Sting suggests that he has finally become a real Dragon Slayer because of it. Bacchus, the drunken fist fighter is also taking part in this event even after all that drinking last night (the man has got courage) but somehow he manages to place first and shows a part of his strength has gained over the seven years. Natsu given a heart warming speech which win a little bit of the crowd and giving the A team their first two points of the game while Gajeel came in right behind them giving his team one point. If feel the games are only setting up the new characters that have risen in the seven year gap of Fairy Tail,  they will fight each other during the games (or if something happens occurs which it is most likely going to happen) or somewhere down the line either way there are a few match ups I cannot wait to see. The Dragon Slayers v.1 vs The Dragon Slayers v.3 , that will be an interesting fight.


Green Lantern #7: The secret of the Indigo Tribe 

Green Lantern #7 - Comic Book Cover

The Indigo Tribe is the most mysterious out of all the emotions or lights, they have a language which the Green Lantern ring cannot translate and in the oath Abin Sur’s name is mentioned. Not even the guardians know anything about them aside from the fact that they are powered by Compassion.

Sinestro left Hal on earth with a ring with no charge, which caused him to rethink his life. He gets back with Carol and when everything seemed to be going well for Hal, Sinestro comes back seeking  his help. Of course Hal says no which leads to a fight when Sinestro threats to kill Carol if Hal does not listen. During the fight he tells Hal about the plan the guardians have to replace the Green Lantern then the Indigo Tribe shows up and takes both of them away. Carol puts on the sapphire ring in order to help Hal but she is to late and they are taken away. Then we see the guardians searching for the Black book which was held by Lyssa Dark of the Sinestro Crops. who was caught by Sinestro himself.  They are looking for the book in order to find the first Green Lantern who will lead the new army the guardians are going to create and they will stop at nothing to claim the book. Sinestro knowing this most likely hid the book in case something was to happen to him. Low and behold he is taken by the Indigo Tribe who wants to turn him into one of them.

Indigo -1 was imprisoned by Abin Sur and was forced to feel Compassion for the crimes she has done and after the Blackest Night she took William the Black hand and made him into one of them for the crimes he has done. I assume most if not all of the Indigo Tribe is made up of criminals who were forced to feel compassion. Since Sinestro turned away from the Green Lantern and went to form his own group which caused numerous crimes, I believe Indigo will do the same thing to him that they did to William. Since Carol put the ring on, she might try and find where Indigo has taken Sinestro and Hal with the help of John, Kyle and Guy (it is about time those guys showed up here but it makes sense because they are off doing something else, in the different series)

Justice League #7: The Villain’s Journey 

Justice League #7 - Comic Book Cover

We have finally reached the present time and we get to see the league work as a “team”. First of the general public are in love with the Justice League, there  is a new team called Advance Research Group Uniting Super Humans or otherwise known as A.R.G.U.S. They are funded by the government and help the league whenever they can. This is a totally new group never seen before in the DC universe, the team is led by Steve Trevor. I have to say the first enemy we see the team fight is kinda of dumb, it is some kind of spore monster that can only say “Staayy… Away”  but there is a hint at something else bigger we might see in the future. With the addition of Cyborg, the team travel the world with the help of the boom tube which allows all of them to be anywhere in the world fairly fast. Cyborg also approves on the fly Intel for the group on the enemy they are fighting and other usefully information, still not sure how I feel about him being the seventh member of the team.

The news media thinks the league can handle anything and work well as a team and does not really see a point to having ARGUS around for any reason.  Since Trevor is the head is takes most of the hate from the media and I think after five years of this abuse he is going to snap really soon, also I did not bring it up last review but this is the second time the team has been called “The Super Friends”.Why are you trying to bring that back for? Just leave it in the past where it should be. Anyways, when Steve was talking to congress he is really angry and threatening towards them but when dealing with the League he puts on a fake smile. We learn the Justice League already have the watchtower floating in space (most likely funded by Bruce), Hal and Batman hate each other. Also Batman wants Justice League International which was set up by the UN to be put to a stop, which was sanctioned by the actually league and had Batman work along side them. He says they are an embarrassment and if they do not do anything the League will. I wonder how Booster Gold and the rest of the team will feel about this.

There is a lot of tension within the group and the group with the world, and the villain who we do not see thinks that Trevor is the key to bring out the League because of all the rage build up inside of him so it begs the question . Is this villain someone new? or someone who we have seen? Will the Injustice League be born from this outcome? Also how will the League fare when Darkseid comes back for the second time.

The Start of Shazam

At the end of the Justice League, we have a story series about the birth of Shazam. We are somewhat introduced to the wizard who give shazam his power, Dr. Sivana and Billy Batson the boy who is going to become Shazam. The wizard is searching for the right person to pass on the power to, so he randomly chooses people around the world but none of them are right of it. Then we meet Billy who if you have run the old stories is nothing like his old self. He is mean and uncaring and I kinda of hate him as he is now. We get our first look at Shazam, and he looks pretty cool.

Batman Beyond Unlimited #2: The Trigger Man 

Batman Beyond Unlimited #2 - Comic Book Cover

Nothing really exciting happens in this issue, we learn about Mad Stan (I do not know much about him and I do not really care to read up on him), we see more Joker posers and see Douglas (Terry’s girlfriend’s brother) has some fighting skill and is the one behind the rash of Joker posers (I am pretty sure) on the other side you have Bruce funding a project to better equip Gotham PD. Basically, he is finally give Gotham PD some of his old toys. He calls in a people he trust for the project, Lucius Fox and TIM DRAKE! It is really strange to see Tim this old and of course this being Batman in the future, very few of Bruce’s allies want to talk to him after they left the Bat family. Bruce even asked Dick to help out so I really hope we get to see him show up here and there to help Terry at least if not Bruce.

Justice league Unlimited: Konstriction 

I think this is the “second issue” of JLU, this time the League is on an island with dinosaur and the island name? Dinosaur Island. I won’t mind living on that island but you need a better name. Anyways they go into a secret cadmus lab to find Micron (I think) and who is controlling him? Of course once they spot him everything goes to shit and the lab blows up but Batman manages to sneak aboard Micron’s ship before he escaped and founds out that Kobra is behind all of this with some world ending plan. There is mention of a mysterious figure called only the Queen. Batman finds someone fairly valuable and well known in the DC universe locked up as well as get Micron back after knocking him out. He found Amanda Waller and took her back to the League HQ. If cadmus is involved in anything, she is always near by doing something.

I am going to give the book a few more chapters to see where it is going and if it is worth still reading month after month. The sole fact that Time Drake and maybe Dick could show up  I will keep reading and maybe about this Joker poser thing as well. Tho my patience is fairly limited for the series.

Batman #7: Talon Strikes 

Batman #7 - Comic Book Cover

We are introduced to a brand new character, a girl by the name of Harper Row. Another new character added in the reboot and according to the chat Batman has with her, they have meet each other before. So this raising the question, how was she the first one to find and get to Batman? What role is she going to play in the future, is she going to become a new member of the Bat family?

We see the court making a new Talon to fight against Batman, we see them injecting something into the body. Maybe it is a newer or better version of Venom. As Batman, defeated and broken, crawls back to one of the entrance to the batcave to be greeted by Alfred, as he help Bruce into the cave we see something he has never done. Look into the eyes of Talon, scream and try to run away. That is mind blowing, the man who has trained his body and mental state for any outcome, always steps ahead of you and has a plan for everything. Actually show fear when faced with his deadly enemy is unheard of, Alfred had to calm him down saying he is dead and was found near where he was. Even when facing Bane, he did not act this way it is truly amazing to see Batman like this.

After examining the body, Bruce figured out how Talon does what he does and how the court has an army of Talons. They have the power to reanimate the dead if it is specially prepared, this method also gives the body a healing ability. Which is why he was able to walk away after falling from a building. Bruce finds out something even more shocking, Talon’s name. William Cobb, Dick’s great grandfather. Then there is another shocking revel, Dick was meant to become a Talon. If his parents had not died and Bruce did not take him in, he would have become a Talon. The court of owls get their assassins from circuses, Haley’s Circus (Dick’s old circus and now that I know this is kinda of kills me that I stopped reading Nightwing)

Now the fight with the court and Talon beings in #8 of Batman and Nightwing. Gotham is going to be under siege from the multiple  Talon’s, the family need to band together in order to stop them. The more I thinking about it, the more I want to find out what happens right now. I cannot wait for another month to see this fight. After all these years, when Bruce told he know Gotham they proved him wrong. The next few issues are going to be action packed and I really want to read it right now.


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