Avatar: The Legend of Korra Episode 2

Posted: March 27, 2012 by solidjackal in Games
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Even tho the series has the release date of April 14th, it seems to be that date does not matter because episode 2 is online. I really wonder why they are being release so early but that does not mean I will not watch it. With the second episode, Korra begins her air bending with Aang’s Son Tenzin.


The training for Korra begins with Tenzin. Since the training for air bending is all about calming your mind and meditating, it is going to be hard for Korra to focus or pick up the basically just as quickly as she did with the other three elements since she is fairly hard headed. We are introduced to two new characters Mako a fire bender (red scarf) and Bolin a earth bender(green outlines). Both of them are brothers and “pro” benders on the Fire Ferret team. If you watched the first series, you might have seen something similar to this with Toph but that was more underground than this. It has become a sport and I will explain the basics of the game, two teams of three one fire bender, one earth and one water, fight on a stage in the middle of the arena trying to gain 3 zones from the opposing team. Thus pushing one team back and having the other team advancing, a team wins when the other team is knocked off the platform. The strangest thing about this it that the players have a limit to how much they can bender, not really sure why.


Tenzin is opposed to the whole notion of this and of course Korra enjoys watching it, so after Tenzin forbids her to go and watch it guess what she does. She listens. No not really, she sneaks out to go watch a game and ends up joining the two brothers in a match. Mako and Bolin are great benders and from the looks of things she might have a crush on Mako and I think he might like her as well but I am not sure. Anyways both the brothers are sure to pop up in the future and help Korra fighting off the Equalists or escaping from Lin . Overall the episode was really good and does not disappoint, you see Korra slowly start to pick up things from a training but since this is only the start of the series I am sure she has a long way to go before she is able to use it properly in a fight  because it is the first thing she is going to do. I am glad Korra is stubborn and hard headed as a character, this means she is going to jump in without thinking and we are going to see a few great fighting and messes she will need to get out of. So Amon, the leader of the Equalists will be using this trait against her to get the public against her. Cannot wait to see who Amon is under the mask and what he is able to actually do.


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