Weekly Review #6

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This week in Issue #6, we have Aquaman, Flash, Fairy Tail and One piece along with big news for the upcoming Weekly Reviews. We have two big comic book crossover events happening, one in DC with The Court Of Owls and in Marvel with Avengers Vs the Xmen. The court of Owls begins in Batman and Nightwing #8 and then continue with #9 in Batman, Nightwing, Red Hood, Batman & Robin, Catwoman, Birds Of Prey, Batgirl, Batwing, Batman: The Dark Knight and All star Western. I am really thinking about picking up most of those but we will see. Then you have the Avengers Vs Xmen going head to head, that will be an interesting fight and will be a good change of pace since I only review DC comics as well as the Avengers movie coming up.


One Piece 662: Law vs Smoker

The fight between Law and Smoker begins, and it is just as epic as I thought it would be. Since they are fighting inside Law’s “Room”, Law as the upper hand on Smoker but that does not mean it is going to be an easy fight for Law. We see Smoker use the same fighting style he used before with Luffy but Law has an easier time breaking lose from it since he is able to switch out himself right before the attack lands. There is a weird looking dude who is behind the kidnapping of the kids and anything else happening on the island, along with the help of Law. What they are planning is yet to be seen but we get a name for the Harpy lady we show a few issues back, her name is Mone. In the fight something happens which I did not see or think could happen. Law trapped Smoker’s heart in a small block of ice and ripped it from his body, that is mind blowing.  Either Law used Haki or it is because Law was behind a block of ice so Smoker could not react to this in time. If Smoker is defeated by this I am going to be really disappointed, I (along with pretty much all One Piece fans) wanted to see Smoker vs Luffy. It was the battle in the making but what happening two years ago at Battle Marinefold or the War of the Best. After all that guess who shows up, Luffy with everyone else and Boss. It is sad we did not get to see them fight with boss but honestly that would have been a waste of time to have shown. Anyways Luffy owes his life to Law, I wonder how Law will try to use this favor. Will Law use this to take Luffy in to the government? (I highly doubt this will happen or if anyone in the crew will agree with it) or use him to help further his own goals.

Fairy Tail 277: Socks 

We get an update list of the teams, I am not going to post all of them here but I am going to talk about four teams, Raven Tail moved up to first place knocking Sabertooth down a peg. While FT A and B are still in the bottom two. It is time to start the battle portion of the games and Natsu is sick from the first event, so there is no chance he can take part in this. The first battle ends really quickly and it is Raven Tail’s Black Snake vs Lamia Scale’s Toby. It is not hard to guess who is going to win and then there was something about Toby not able to find his sock and Snake ripping it up which was kinda of stupid. The second match was supposed to be rig to be Bacchus (Drunken Fist) vs Erza but instead Elfman went up because of a misunderstanding. We have yet to see the King’s face and actually figure out what the grand plan behind everything is. Bacchus makes a bet with Elfman if he wins he gets to take both his sisters for the night (you can guess what is going to happen then), this only angry’s Elfman to kill him. An actually fight is going to happen,  now the only question is will Bacchus hold back for any reason? How much stronger has Elfman gotten during the training? because he was not really A -Team material to start with before the time skip. All in all the action is going to start and I really want to see what Baccus is able to do in an actually fight.


Flash#7: Into the Light 

The Flash #7 - Comic Book CoverThe fight between Flash and Cold rages on and Flash need to choose. Save his girlfriend Patty or find a way to end the fight quickly and burn the extra speed force energy before something bad happens. Well Barry saves Patty and others on one half of the  the ship ignoring  the warnings from his build in HUD, in the process he creates a wormhole which sucks up the other half of the ship and Iris West along with it. Cold tells the Flash he did this to save his sister after the blackout he caused. Flash promises to find a way to save his sister and bring back the people that got sucked up in the wormhole, so he heads to the treadmill to burn off the excess energy. He knew in order to find where those people went he needs to create another wormhole and jump into it and he does just that while running on the treadmill. This takes him to the speedforce where he meets someone else who want to kill him, Turbine (He is new to the universe).

The Flash is loved by the public in previous comics and his identity is also know by them. But in the new 52, the general consensus of the heroes is that they are hated. Patty blames Flash for what happened to Barry( The Flash told her that he was on the other half just before he got sucked in the wormhole). The only upside to the whole event is the city’s power is back up thanks to the treadmill and the Flash is no longer in the city. We also get a short look at gorilla city (smart, talking gorilla who live in Africa) I wonder if they are also going to become a problem for Batwing, since Africa does belong to him.

The comic was pretty interesting and there was a layout which I thought was kinda of fitting for the Flash. Nine seconds spread out over nine panels, it show what the Flash is trying to do in a very short amount of time. The Flash is struggling with his powers and this is kinda of a good thing for new and old readers. New readers get to learn along with the Flash and old ones get to see a side not seen on the Flash, lost and confused. He is not sure what is happening, what could happen or what happens if he does not, Run.

Aquaman #7: The Others 

After being attacked and thrown into the desert, Arthur is trying to find out what actually happened to Atlantis. Did someone sink it? and if so who was it? Also Black Manta is back,  he is Arthur’s greatest enemy as he wants to ruler the seas and oceans. Manta is hunting down Aquaman’s old allies,  the Others and taking pieces of Atlantis from them. Which begs the question? How did they find the piece? Aquaman was on a team before the Justice League?  and why is Manta trying to find the pieces? Either way all them members of the Others which contained six members( now five) are being targeted, also brings up another question why did the group break or go their own ways? This is actually a shocking issue to say the least, a member of the others was able to find Aquaman (I think it was because of the trident) and has a power or ability similar to a motherbox which Cyborg can now use.

The Others and the members aside from Aquaman are all new characters added to new 52. Since one of them is already killed off, I wonder how long the others will last, are we going to see them in other books. Some of the characters look really interesting and I will wait and see where they go with this before I truly judge them. Also another interesting fact about this is Mera knows nothing about it and there is a picture of the team which shows a younger Arthur without the amour he has on now. I wonder if they are going to go the same route they did with Action comics and Superman. I really cannot wait for the next issue and I am slowly getting into Aquaman as a character.


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