Weekly Review #7

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In this issue I review the weekly Fairy Tail Manga, One piece has the week off. In comics we have, Action comics (the end of the first arc), Batwing (in gotham) and the very first Marvel comic review, Avengers vs Xmen! (as well as a few new interesting things involving this comic) stay tuned for the action!


Fairy Tail chapter 278: Elfman vs Bacchus 

The fight between Elfman and Bacchus begins. Erza gives a run down about the skill Bacchus has and how is has improved over the seven years since they have left.  By the looks of it, Bacchus is a formidable fighter like I thought, the first half of the fight Elfman could not land a single hit on him. If you watch Nartuo  then Bacchus fighting style is similar to that of Neji, palm strikes but Bacchus has added the drunken part to his style. The first half of the fight he fighting normally without drinking. While the fight is happening, someone kidnapped Wendy, Happy and the  Old Medical Lady for the team (I cannot remember her name). Natsu the only member not watching the match stops them since he was knocked out after the last event and after being caught the blame was placed on Raven Tail for trying to do this. It seems this was one thing Raven Tail had no part in and Wendy was not the target they were looking for, it was actually Lucy. It seems the guard behind fixing the match (Arcadios) is behind it, he might have been the one who cancelled Lucy’s magic in the first round and let Raven Tail take the blame. Why is Arcadios so interested in getting Lucy? Now back to the fight, Bacchus and Elfman go all out in a battle of will, the last man standing wins. And it seems I was wrong about Elfman because he is the first person to bring in 10 points for the team (which means he won against Bacchus). I think this is a fight I cannot wait to see in anime form, both fighters going all out. It could be quite insane.

As the games go on more and more pieces of the puzzle are starting to fall in place. Once Makarov finds out that members of his guild were kidnapped by Raven Tail, he is going to lose his mind. He might start a fight with the guild right then and there, there is another fight I cannot wait to see Father vs Son. You can feel the action about to start, Fairy Tail will get back to being number one and after this arc is done I cannot wait to see what evil has risen in the last seven years.Also I think Bacchus might become a favourite character of mine, right next to Zoro (One piece) and Kenpachi (Bleach).


Action Comics #8: The Collector 

Action Comics #8 - Comic Book Cover

There is one interesting thing that happens in this book. We see superman gain his new suit from the last issue, the one we see him wear in the Superman comics. We superman was thrown into one of the cities that had been collected, his suit changed its color and logo to match whatever was in the bottle. This could mean a lot in the future when he learns to fly and starts his space adventures. With the help of his ship and John Corben (the future Metallo), Superman is able to beat Brainiac and return Metropolis back to normal. We see the makes of many things in this issue that will lead to future problems for Superman,  John Corben is alive but without a heart and it will be replaced by Green K.  Superman gained floating fortess in space which he has taken from Brainiac, his landlady knows who is real is but promised to keep his secret but the question is how long before Lex finds this out? An interesting thing she said to him is “Are you Clark pretending to be Superman or is it the other way around?”  Another shocking fact is Lex was helping Clark independently under the name of Icarus (the man who flew too close to the sun) Also we get a first glimpse of one of the members of the Anti -Superman army, Nimrod the Hunter.
With the first arc for the man of steel done, Superman has made his mark in Metropolis, he has become a hero in the eyes of the people and he has enemies waiting in the wings to take him down. Overall the issue was okay, there was a sudden art style change at the of the book that was kinda of jarring also I am not sure if he know how to fly yet but we see him jump to the space fortess and start speaking kryptonian (I think). I wonder if this is what the Justice League is using as a base to keep track of the world for now or it is actually the watchtower we have seen in the show.

Batwing #8: What I am… was born from Death 

Batwing #8 - Comic Book Cover

Batwing has come to Gotham to stop Massacre and we find out who is behind the mask and what his relationship is to Batwing, as well as who is helping him find and kill the Kingdom members. First I am going to say this, there was really no point of having the “final” showdown between both of them in Gotham. The only reason Batwing is in Gotham is for the Court of Owls attack but it might have been better to have a Talon show up in Africa who is going after Batwing. This way it shows the true reach of the Court. Anyways we find out that Massacre is Issac, David’s brother who he thought was dead. All the while Batman, Robin, and Nightwing are trying to take down Steelback and take out who ever in inside, with the help of the last peron who wore the amour. Surprise surprise the cockpit is empty  it was being controlled by someone else and the way they opened it up causes the amour in enter self destruct mode. Just as Batwing was going to tell Issac who he was the whole place goes up in flames. Batman traced the signal and finds the person behind all of this was a member of the Kingdom. Josiah Kone (the name will mean nothing to anyone), he was the one who made the HQ and gave the Kingdom its weapons to fight evils in Africa. Pretty much he was the Batman of the group, and I can see Bruce doing the same thing Josiah did but killing them it something even he will not do.

Massacre’s body was not to be found in the rubble, so this raises the question. What will Batwing try to do the next time he faces his brother? Will be take him under his wing? Will Batman allow that? Is Massacre going to become Batwing’s Joker? if the last thing happens then I think it might cloud Batwing’s judgement and will leave him open to an attack that will most likely lead to his death. I cannot wait to see the enemies Batwing is going to face as well as the allies he is going to gain in order to keep Africa under control.

Avengers Vs Xmen : Round 1

Avengers Vs. X-Men #1 - Comic Book CoverThere is a lot to explain for this book. Even tho I have not really read Marvel comics I still know what is happening in the universe to some extent. So here is what I know, Cyclops and Wolverine went to war against each other because of what Scott told one of the kid mutants to do which was kill. This war split the Xmen down the middle, either they stood with Scott or Logan. Magneto joined Scott’s side and they went on to form the Extinction Team, Scott believes he can rebuild what the Xmen once had and is willing to kill for it. Wolverine on the other hand reopened the school for mutants calling it Jean Grey School for higher learning, a place where he can train the kids and shield them from fighting. That is what happened to the Xmen summed up in the quickest way I can think of, next the Phoenix force. The Phoenix force is an entity that can destroy or create life on a planet, the most famous and powerful person to have the Phoenix force was Jean Grey. She thought she could kill herself to end the Phoenix force but she was wrong, now the power is on it way back to earth looking for a new host.

Now I can start my review.

If you follow the Marvel comics then you know about this event and what happened to the Xmen. In the first pages of the comics we see the Phoenix Force (Pf) leaving an other planet and heading towards earth. Then it is cut to earth to the Avengers as they have to deal with something that just hit a plane and part of a building. Spiderman. Ironman, Thor, and Ms. Marvel take care of the rubble and the people while Captain America goes to see what caused the chaos. It was Nova, and all he was saying was “It is coming”. Iron man and Captain America debrief the government to what happened and tell them that the Pf is coming back to earth and they have sent a small group to try and stop it before it comes to earth. Meanwhile, Scott is training Hope to fight without using her powers. And he is pretty hard on her, every time she gets knocked down, he screams at her “Again”. Finally when she cannot take anyone more she uses a small amount of the Pf against Scott unwillingly. Ironman and Captain know about this and head to the island where Hope is. Before that Cap heads to Wolverine’s school to ask for his help against the Pf when it comes to earth, and Wolverine knows that Scott will not listen to them because of what happened to Jean the last time.
Namor, Magneto, Emma Frost and Colossus  discuss with Scott about the Pf, Scott believes it can bring back the Mutant race since there is only 200 of them left. He believes that the Xmen could use the power of put them back on top of the Human race. Captain America reached the island to talk to Scott about taking Hope and putting her in a safe place because everyone believes she is the next one to become a container for the Pf. Scott refuses to listen to Captain’s orders about taking Hope in and he attacks him. So the battle lines are drawn and of course Captain did not come by himself, after he got attacked a giant S.H.I.E.L.D ship decloaked itself and the rest of the Avengers are waiting there along with Wolverine.
This battle is going to be insane, you have the Avengers, the New Avengers and the Secret Avengers vs the Xmen. That is big group of super heroes fighting against each other, Who is the bad guys in this fight? Is Scott right to leave this problem as a Mutant only thing and leave the Avengers out of it? The next issues of this is going to be an interesting read and I cannot wait to see what the final outcome of this is going to be.
Now for the new tech review, if you look back at the picture posted you will post an AR logo on the cover. If you download the Marvel AR and point it at the cover and various panels in the comics, a video giving people a summary of what is happening, showing the panel draw in pencil to inked and finally in color, then you get character bios and so on. This is fairly interesting concept and adds a new level to reading comics.

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