Time Sink: Realm of the Mad God

Posted: April 24, 2012 by solidjackal in Free 2 play, Games, Time Sink
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It is time for a new time sink review and this time is it Realm of the Mad God. The game it self is classified as a MMO bullet hell shooter, you can either download it on Steam or play it on Kongregate from your browser. The game itself is really strange and confusing, also it has a really unique idea not seen in today’s games.

You start of by only having the wizard class unlocked and as get to level 5, you are able to unlock new characters. The characters you have to play as are the Wizard, Archer(unlocked at level 5 with the Priest), Rouge(Unlocked at level 5 with the Archer), Priest(Unlocked at level 5 with the Wizard), Warrior(unlocked at level 5 with the Rouge). Then you have the higher classes with are unlocked by reaching level 20 with the classes I just mentioned. Knight (Warrior only), Assassin (Rouge and Wizard),  Necromancer (Wizard and Priest), Huntress (Rouge and Assassin), Mystic (Huntress and Necromancer), Sorcerer (Necromancer and Assassin), Trickster (Assassin and Paladin ) and finally the Paladin (Priest and Knight).The highest level you have get one  single character is 20 but saying that it is hard to reach that level if you do not know what to do and really easy to die in the game (I will get to this later)

As you can see in the picture, the game is a top down view with really simple controls. The standard WASD keys to move, mouse to aim and the space to activate your special power. To the side you have the map then exp bar (green), HP bar (red) and mana bar (blue), your character stats and equipment and hot key bar where you can add potions or other items to use. One you beat the tutorial level you are thrown right into the world. The game is an MMO but not in the traditional sense, you get quest which depend on your level and might disappear before you get to that point because someone else killed it before you. Which brings me to the “party” system, if you have to be next to people while you are traveling to your quest, all of you are put into a part. You do not need to talk or stay with the group but it does help to take down a few of the monsters and gain levels faster as a group.

The map is huge, and as a level 1 you start on the outer edges of the map. The higher your level the closer you get to the middle of the map, but that is not where the game ends. The point of the game is to have the 85 other people in the map kill the various mini bosses to get the mad god angry enough to bring everyone on that map into his castle. This is where the fun starts, everyone is split into three groups or four groups and put at different ends of the castle. They must fight the enemies and come to the middle of the castle which will take you to Oryx the final boss. I am pretty sure there is no level limit to entering the castle just as long as the bosses needed to get to him are killed off. It is pretty epic battle to getting to him, now it is time to talk about the thing that makes this game special. Once you die in the game, that character is gone forever. There is no respawn back to a safe place, when you start the game back up you will have to start again from the beginning. The only thing that carries over from character to character is money, fame and the new class you might have unlocked.

Saying that the game could last any where from 2 hours to 2 mins, depending on how you play the game. This game is really something worth looking into as it is a great Time Sink either on Steam or Kongregate.  Go get it! Trust me you will have fun.

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