This weeks issue of the weekly review is big! The Night is here, How is Batman going to handle the Court of Owls and its many Talons? We learn more about Dick and his connection to Talon. The war between Xmen vs the Avengers still rages on and it is starting to pick up steam, Green Arrow is trying to join the Justice League. And we also get a glimpse into the future of Batman, Superman and the Justice League in Batman Beyond Unlimited.  Because I missed last week issue, I also have Green Lantern with Hal Jordan and Sinestro’s  fight against the Indigo Tribe. I am adding scores to the reviews now!


I cut them from this weeks review because this review is already behind a few days. I might make next weeks review three chapters. 


Green Lantern #8: Powerless And On The Run

Green Lantern #8 - Comic Book Cover

Even tho Hal Jordan has been the focus of this series, he spends most of his time locked in a jail cell while Sinestro is in the thick of the action. We see how the Indigo tribe gets their recruits, as they want to turn Sinestro into one of them. As I read more issues of this series and look back at the old ones I am really start to think that the best green lantern is not Hal Jordan but Sinestro. He was able to create a “ring” for Hal something no other lantern is able to do, he is without a doubt smarter than Hal as he looks at the big picture while Hal tries to put out fires one at a time. This is seen in the first issue when Hal tries to save one person at a time while Sinestro saved everyone in a matter of moments. Also we see how badass Sinestro is as he takes out one of the Indigo Tribe without his ring.

If you have read the Blackest night, you know William Hand and you know what happened to him after the events of that crisis. He has been come one of the Indigo’s. He said he has changed his ways after what has happened, blah blah blah. And it seems The Indigo Tribe has been keeping secrets, during the Blackest night the only way to take out the Black Lanterns was by using willpower (Green) and one of the other emotions. Indigo said they could use all the other colours but green that is why they need the Green Lanterns help. But here we see William channel willpower, and Hal charges he ring by using him as a energy source. But there is a drawback to this, he is not able to fly, he does not have a shield to repel things from coming in contact with his body and he is not able to use constructs that often. But this mean the ring can be charged from a different source aside from the battery, what could this mean in the future. Then we see something shocking, a giant statue of Abin Sur. It seems he created the Indigo Tribe, which bring up a lot of questions. How did the Guardians not find out about this till Blackest Night? Was he going to betray the Lanterns to join the Indigo Tribe but was killed before it could happen? The cliffhanger for the book, Sinestro is now part of the Tribe! This means Hal is outnumbered and low on power. Who can save him now? Carol and the Star Sapphires? as I am pretty sure she is the only one who know who could him.


Batman Beyond # 8: Superman Beyond/ The Trigger Man/The Konstriction

Batman Beyond Unlimited #3 - Comic Book Cover

That is right there is three stories in this issue and Superman Beyond was my favourite among the three. First I will start of with Batman Beyond: Trigger Man , Mad Stan got his dog stolen and is one a rampage to get him back and there is the Joker gang thing happening at the same time. Terry need to make a choice between helping his girlfriend find what happened to his brother and maybe get to the bottom of the whole Joker thing or stop Stan from blowing up half the city. This basically sums up Batman beyond and the choice Terry makes will make or break Gotham city, both situation are deadly but one more than the other at this moment. I really could care less about Batman Beyond, the only reason I might read next months issues is to see Superman beyond (if they have it in there).

Justice league Beyond Unlimited: The Konstriction 

We learn about Kobra is after, a motherbox ( few left in the world) and an ancient Mionan book. They need this in order to control Ouroboros, a fabled snake known for eating it own tail. Kobra is going to use the monster to bring the world to an end. This is an interesting story, since the team is going to need another motherbox to put a stop to Kobra’s plan and are looking to Bruce for help. I wonder if he will really help them, since he hates the league so much.

Superman Beyond

This story for some reason, stuck with me . Seeing an older superman walking around the fortress and looking at old relics from his past, the daily planet symbol, a newstand, taxi cab and so on. Even when he comes to Metropolis he feels more of an outcast than ever before but he still does his job and saves people when they need help. Even in that aspect he is not really needed, the police force has gained new tech. The ability to fly in power suit that can fire beams at the enemy. Then having him visit Lois’ grave is a sad moment as he is talking to her, he said she was the only reason to go on living.  This is a side not normally seen, much like Batman the world needs Superman to save them from things they are not able to but if they are to gain power just like he has then what is the point of him being around anymore. At the end, we learn that Lex has a daughter and knowing Lex he has something planned even tho he is in the grave.


Avengers vs The Xmen: Round 2 

Avengers Vs. X-Men #2 - Comic Book Cover

The fights have started, Red Hulk vs Colossus, Namor vs The Thing and Luke Cage, Emma Frost and Magneto vs Ironman and then you have Wolverine fighting against the Xmen. People who he called his family, who are now calling him a Traitor. As both teams fight it out, the brawl is being covered by the local media and the world is watching. Which makes me wonder? The world in Marvel is pretty big and I am pretty sure there are heroes that do not fall under the Xmen or Avengers banner. What about them? What are they thinking about this brawl? Whose side are they going to take? Wolverine seems to have made his choice in the matter, when he and spiderman sneak in back to find hope. By the looks of it he is ready to kill her and do what is needed but Hope is not going to go down without a fight and lights him and sipderman on fire. Then she leaves the island during the chaos of the fighting. Now the hunt for hope begins, while the space team avengers are trying to stop the phoenix force from coming to earth. It is clear that Phoenix Force is coming  to earth but what if it is not Hope it is after? What happens if  one of the avengers is the choose one?

This was a very action packed issue. The xmen and the avengers go at each other, I did not really think that they start the fight right after issue one but I am glad to see that there is no fillers getting to the fight. I really cannot wait to see what happens after this war between both side because it is guaranteed to change the world in Marvel.


Justice League# 8: Green Arrow/Shazam

Justice League #8 - Comic Book CoverThe Justice League has been together for a while now and the biggest question asked by the government is why is the Justice League not expanding it ranks. Green Arrow seems like a good choice to add to the roster out of the new 52 comics but when we see him in action it seems he is kinda of out of place with the group. While fighting Amazo, Green Arrow seemed like he was going to die at any moment but never the less it was fun to see him run around. This issue of JL is a very shocking one, we learn that Cyborgs boom box technology is a bit flawed as it sometimes jumps the team inside to Apokolips (Darkseid’s home planet)  and this not happen once but twice. This fact is mind blowing, another shocking fact is that Steve Trevor (the middle man to the JL) was on Team 7. Now this is kinda of a important fact if you know the Wildstorm books, that universe was one of the three that joined together to form the new 52 (which means DC bought that company which Jim Lee was in charge  of). The team was exposed to a matter than gave them super powers, does Trevor still run with the team? does he have any powers? This could mean that there will be another team to fight the Justice League if they were to become too powerful.

The Talons show up in this issue and the League is fighting them, Batman called the Justice League to help him in the fight (that is saying a lot and shows how powerful the court is ) but green arrow is not willing to give up trying out for the team as he pops up to help the team but they are still not willing to let him on the team yet. When they are taking on enemies of Justice League Dark (another comic book series), Arrow shows up there to help them but again he fails to join the team. Trevor approaches Arrow and ask him to join another team that he is part of and of course Arrow says yes right away, so the question is Is the other team “Team 7”? I think it is finally good to see a new team grow in the DC universe and maybe they could have a showdown much like Xmen vs Avengers.

We learn why the league will not allow another members into the team, it is because they tried it once and it back fired on them horribly. The member they let in the team was Martian Manhunter and he attacked them! Manhunter was one of the founding members of the Justice League before new 52 but now he is in the Stormwatch series. It seemed Manhunter was testing the team and they are not ready for what is coming toward Earth. The more I read these issues the more I cannot wait to see next months issues. A lot is happening and I am really interested to see what is coming and who is going to be the first (second) member to join the team as well as the other team Arrow is going to be joining.

Shazam : We meet Billy’s new family and the member of the Marvel Family (I think that is who they are, well the future Marvel Family) aside from that not much else happens.


                                                                                                                                                   The Night of the Owls begin! 

It is here, the Night of the Owls have began and it start off with a bang and we learn a little about Talon!

Batman#8: Attack on Wayne Manor/ The Call 

Batman #8 - Comic Book Cover

Bruce barely survived the last encounter with the court and he would have died if it were not for Harper Row. The issue starts off with a broken Batman standing over a replica of Gotham finally learning that he does not know everything about Gotham as he once thought he did. Then begins the attack on Bruce Wayne by the Talons, yes Talons as in more than one. Now he is a ready for that but not for so many after the short period from the last attack. The Talons raid the house going after Bruce and Alfred but it seems as tho the court did not know that he was Batman. Which means they do not know everything there is to know about Gotham. Both Bruce and Alfred are outnumbered and cannot do much but run and hide while Bruce tries to figure out what to do. There is one important panel I want to point out which leads into Nightwing, one of the Talons free Cobb (the first Talon that attacked Bruce and the one I like)

Back to the action, Bruce managed to hold up in the armory of the batcave and also got a micro chip from one of the Talons. On the chip a list of targets for the Talon to attack and there are a few shocking names on that list, Jim Gordon, Lucius Fox, Jeremiah Arkham, Victor Fries and Oswald Cobberpot to name a few. The last two names are pretty shocking Victor Fries being Mr. Freeze and Oswald Cobblepot the Penguin. Also we get to see a new suit of armour for the Batman and it looks pretty bad ass. Most of the names on the list are people who are public figures and the attack on Gotham has ready began, already a few of them were killed off. So the call is made to the Bat family to get help to take down Talon, the call goes to Red Robin, Red Hood, Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, and the Birds of Prey. Which is interesting because Batwing will also be fighting against Talon but he never go the “call”, maybe it shows the circle of trust Batwing is in right now but I am sure in his comic he will get the “call”.

The way the issue ends sends a chill down my spine. I cannot wait to read more on the Court of Owls, it is going to be chaos!


Nightwing #8: Bloodlines 

Nightwing #8 - Comic Book Cover

This is a prelude to the events of Batman #8 but aside from the ending of the book, I do really think it matters which one you read first. If you do not like to be spoilers then I say read Batman first (I think you should do that anyways).Here we see the life of William Cobb and his life in Gotham. He talks about four men that shaped the future of Gotham, Alan Wayne (if you at this point do not know who the Wayne’s are I think you should stop reading Batman), Frederic Cobblepot( great grandfather of the Oswald Cobblepot the Penguin), Edward Elliot( grandfather of Tommy Elliot [Bruce’s best friend]  Hush) and Burton Crowne  (pretty sure this is Dick Grayson’s great grandfather) and how William Cobb went from the streets from Gotham to Haly’s Circus to becoming a Talon.

While Dick is searching for clues for one of his stuff when he gets the call from Alfred explaining the situation and what is going to happen to Gotham. Dropping everything he heads to city hall to save the mayor, he manages to save the mayor but is to late to save the others in the room. This is a pretty bloody issue, something we have not seen in Batman (yet), Dick has a sword fight with Talon and is left bloody and injured by the end of it. Just as he thought it was safe he has to fight William Cobb he great grandfather, which leads us back to the panel I was talking about in Batman. Talon has fought Batman and come out the winner, how will Dick fare coming up against his great grandfather who has more agility than him as well as the healing factor.

It is kinda of good to see the back story to one of the Talon, who I believe is the main Talon and the best one. It is really interesting to see not only Batman to have to face Talon alone but also members of the bat family. This time Batman and his allies are not really the target of this attack but it is Gotham itself. They are just the ones who are defending the front lines, I really hope Jim joins in the fight and not sit this one out.



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