Arkham Asylum

Posted: April 25, 2012 by solidjackal in Batman, Book reviews
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Arkham Asylum, a mental asylum for the various villains in the Batman universe. Basically the ones he fights, catches and hands over to the police.

Welcome to the Mad House!  

Grant Morrison’s Arkham Asylum : A Serious House on a Serious Earth  

My GOD. There are few books that can bring a chill down my spine and this is one of them. This story is about one character never talked about before, Amadeus Arkham the creator of Arkham Asylum, as well as Batman entering the Asylum to stop the madmen within its walls. The story itself is just as old as me, as it came out in 1989 but still leaves a lasting mark in your memory even if you read it today. The story is about how Joker and the rest of the inmate of Arkham have broken loose and have taken the doctors as hostages, their last demand is for the Batman to enter the Madhouse and stay where he belongs.

I do not normally talk about imagery in books  but it is kinda of hard not to with this books. Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland plays a big part in this as there are quotes among the pages. It is really hard to tell what Grant Morrison and Dave McKean have built within this book, it is something you must see with your own two eyes. The art is twisted and each villain has there own twisted font, and also shows what leads Amadeus to create the Asylum in the first place. It was first made to cure his mother from her illness but he ends up killing her and slowly descends into madness.

Batman has put a lot of people inside Arkham and now that he is inside he must face they fact, does he as well belong with them or stay outside trying to save Gotham? Walking in the halls he must face his darkest memories as well as Joker and the rest of the inmates hunting him down as a sport. Each enemy Batman counters all have a different feel and atmosphere, Joker is the best I believe. When he speaks his words are not limited to a speak bubble like everyone else, his words are open and can mean anything or change just as he said them.

This really is a book to read and see what Grant Morrison has taken Batman and I guarantee by the end of the book you start to question the sanity of Batman and Joker. Who is really insane between them?

Are you ready to enter the MaD hOuSe


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