The Kickstarter Phenomenon

Posted: April 25, 2012 by thinkben92 in Games

So SolidJackal (Rohan) already wrote about this a while ago, especially when Double Fine jumped on to it and it blew up into what it has now become.

With Double Fine taking the first step to change the method of game development and publication, how far has the change progressed? In two words, not far. The change associated with Kickstarter, even though it is happening, has not happened fast, and will not happen any faster. In total, 10 million dollars have been raised for the gaming community alone. That is an impressive if it were to stand alone. I am not trying to take away the achievements of the change, but simply pointing out that for real change to occur in the gaming industry, a long road still lies before us. 10 million dollars is a lot of money, but when compared to the billions made through the traditional avenues, you can see the situation we are in.

It will take a few years at the least for kickstarter to make the larger gaming community change its methods, but this is something that needs to take its time, if it were too fast, our shining knight would just turn into the tyrants (may be a bit too harsh?) that the publishers of the gaming world have become. In the few months that have passed since Double Fine’s efforts and now, there has been growth, and that in itself should be held as hope for a better economical gaming sector in the years that are to follow.


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