Noob guide: DOTA 2

Posted: May 7, 2012 by solidjackal in Free 2 play, Games
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After sinking 100+ hours into DOTA 2, I am no pro at the game but I am much better than I was when I started playing MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games. So I thought why not create a guide for noobs by a noob. 


This is a big thing to learn since you (mostly likely) will not be using voice chat but instead text chat to talk to your teammates.

SS – or MIA (missing in action) This is used often when a hero you are fighting against suddenly backs up into the Fog of war and cannot be seen. This means that the hero is going to maybe Gank one of your allies or going to buy something but  everyone must be aware of this. If you do not call this and an ally is killed by the hero you are fighting, they will curse you out through voice or text chat.

Gank– It means when 3 or more heroes gang up to kill the enemies heroes.

Feeder–  This means someone who throws themselves at the enemy hero just to be killed over and over again. This will raise the enemy heroes level and give him/her more money to buy items from the shop. If it is your first time playing the game then mostly likely this will be you.

b- This is the short form of back, which means when you see this in chat you should run away from the fight or tower depending on the situation.

Deny– This means to stop the enemy from gaining gold and exp , you can deny creep and towers as well as heroes. This is really helpfully as it stops the enemies from gaining levels but takes a lot of skill to master.

Last Hit– This is something you need to learn fast. When the creep waves are going at each other, you need to make sure you get the final blow on the creep wave because you will gain money faster that way.

Top/Mid/Bot– refers to the position in the map you should go to or help out.

Jungling- In the top of the map in the dark area and in the bot of the green area, neutral creep will spawn. This mean that hero will raise his level and money as quickly as possible to get the upper hand on the enemy.


The point of a DOTA game is to overpower the enemy and destroy the “Ancient” in the opposing base. The picture on the side, is what a normal game of DOTA looks like. The purple dots represent Towers that players need to knock out before they get to the Yellow dot which is the Ancient. The blue dot is the barracks from which the creep spawn, they will help you take down the towers and move on to the next tower.

If you are playing against people your skill level then one game could last from 45 mins to 1hr 30 mins, or if you are really good then you can end the game in 30 mins or under. It is all about working as a team and if one of the three lanes fail then you could lose the whole game.


You cannot divebomb the towers and hope to take it down at a low level by yourself, the will kill you fast and both teams will laugh at you as will I.


There are  five roles of heroes Carry, Ganker, Pusher, Support and Initiator. A carry is basically a hero that will carry the team in the mid to late game if they are high enough level. A ganker as posted in the terms is a hero that can catch the enemy heroes off guard. A pusher and support are just that one helps push the creep up and the enemies back while a support will healer or buy items the team needs. An initiator starts the fight usually with an AoE (area of effect) spell that will help with the gank or a stun to keep a few enemies locked in one spot.

Just because your hero is classified by one of those roles it does not mean it cannot do any other role. You just need to know when you should help out your teammates and when to back up.

I am not going to go over each of the heroes in DOTA 2 because there are a lot of them and you need to play to find the right ones ( do not stick to one character because if someone else picks if before you then you will be kinda of screwed), on that note I am also going to talk about the three stats each hero has Strength, Agility and Intelligence.

Zeus is one of the heroes you can play as, you see his role is a Ganker and Intelligence is his main stat. This means you should buy items from the shop that suit this stat. Knowing these two pieces of information will help you  buy items and your team come up with a decent  mix of heroes as well as a plan to take out the enemy.


After you pick a hero you start off with a 603 gold or if you randomized your pick you will start with around 863 I believe it is. For first time, I suggest do not randomize your hero. Read about your abilities before you start a game so you have some idea what to do. Again I cannot really talk a lot about what items to buy since there are a lot of them and each hero and play style have a different mixture of what items to get (also I am still learning which ones to start off with).

This is the basics of what you need to know about DOTA 2 for the most part, I really hope this helps you understand the game a little bit better. Also do not get discouraged when people start yelling at you and when you make mistakes. Just learn of it, figure out what you did wrong and it will be better next game.


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