Rewind: Avatar : Legend of Korra

Posted: May 16, 2012 by solidjackal in Rewind, TV
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It has been a while since I have reviewed the Legend of Korra but now that it is officially out I thought I will start it by up again. Also I started this new series for TV shows, it sounds catchy. In this Rewind, I am going to review the four episodes of the shows starting from 3 to 6 since I have already done the reviews for the  first and second episodes.

At the start of each episode there is a quick recap of what happened last time, it has got a old time feel to it with the voice to match (the guy from the pro bending matches) it is nice.

Episode 3: The Revelation 

This is this the first time we get to see the main villain in the series in action. And what a villain he is, after the fire ferrets win the their matches and head to the finals but there is only one problem. They need to ante up a lot of money which none of them actually have and without the money they cannot compete in the finals. Bolin is just like sokka from the first series and I like him the most of all the characters so far as well as the mascot ferret they have. In order to raise the money Bolin decides to do a street performance but it does not really get him that far, so he ends up helping one of the gangs in the city. This is where is the fun starts, the Equalists capture the gang Bolin and the gang he was helping and is going to use them as an example of what was going to come in the future to the other benders in the city. Amon is going to take away their power to bend the elements, something thought only the Avatar could do. 4/5

Episode 4: The Voice in the night 

After watching what Amon could do, Korra is scared of him having nightmares and so on. Similar to what happened to Aang during the end of the series when he had to face the Fire Lord to end the 100 year war. The council of the city decided is the good to have a task force to take down Amon before anymore chaos happens because of what Korra had seen she was unwilling to join the task force which shocked Tenzin and Tarrlok (who is in the council and head of the taskforce). But being the Avatar she did not want to show the world that she is afraid of Amon and what he is able to do. Tarrlok not taking no for an answer tricked Korra into joining the taskforce and then she challenged Amon to fight one on one. After waiting for a long time and Amon not showing up, Korra was about to leave only to be ambushed by the chi blockers and then Amon showed up. He did not take away her bending but just struck more fear into her heart.

Something strange happened, there was a flashback to the younger days of a few characters. Korra was seeing life through the eyes of Annag, it shows a lot about what happened to certain characters even tho it happens really fast. But it looks like Korra has no control over this power. 3/5

Episode 5: The Spirit of Competition 

The Fire Ferrets are going to the finals because they get sponsored. This epsiode was really boring because of the whole love triangle within Bolin, Korra and Mako. And with Mako getting a new girlfriend whose father is helping the team with the money, so it make things really difficult for everyone on the team. Nothing really important happens just that the Fire Ferrets head into the final four of the pro bending games. 2/5

Episode 6: And the winner is….

The finals are here it is the WolfBats vs the Fire Ferrets, and the Fire Ferrets (wait for it…….) lose because of the wolfbats cheating and the refs not calling a proper game. But that is not the important part of the episode. Amon send a message to the city to shut down the finals or they will pay for it. Tenzin and Tarrlok were about to shut it down but Korra and Lin Beifong were against it. Lin said she and her metal benders will protect everyone in the stadium. Of course this was part of Amon plan and comes in and takes away the bending from the winning team, the WolfBats and proves that non benders can fight against benders using tech he has made. Lin and her metal benders as well as Tenzin were knocked out before they could do anything against them.  Again Korra gets a flash back and I am starting to believe that Amon might have been a part of Aang’s life and had his bending take away by him for what he did, just based on the way he moves when he fights against benders. He knows how to avoid them, I cannot wait to see who he really is. For some reason i believe he and Tarrlok are connected in some way. Amon is my favourite villain in the series and I cannot wait to see the final showdown between him and Korra and/or Tenzin. 4/5

Overall, this series is really good so far and I really hope it gets picked up for a few more seasons and maybe a better movie can be made out of it (not holding my breath on the last one tho) you guys should watch it.


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