E3 Day one recap

Posted: June 5, 2012 by solidjackal in E3, Games
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Day one of E3 is done and new game trailers and gameplay have been showcased at the different conferences. Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft and Sony, All in one day. With Nintendo conference tomorrow.

Note: There was a lot more shown at each conference but this is the stuff I am choosing to forcing on. 




Halo is back. And from watching the gameplay, I think I might be interesting in playing the game. This time Master Chief will have to fight not only the covenant  but also the Forerunners, creators of many artifacts within the Halo universe.  Cortana might be affected by the Forerunners tech and someone who you might have to fight in the game, it will also be interesting to see what 343 studios can do with the game since they took over HALO after Bungie left Microsoft. Technically this will be the second Halo game they are making but the first Halo game was a remake of Bungie’s first Halo:CE

Gears of War: Judgement

A new Gears game with a new squad in it. The only question is will Ice-T be in this one as well? Also People Can Fly will be making the game, it will be interesting to see if these games will top the last three since the last game the company made was Bulletstorm (not a big hit).

COD: Black Ops 2

It is the year for military shooters. IN THE FUTURE! That is all I am going to say on the subject of COD


BF3 Premium

It seems with Activision’s Elite subscriptions for COD , EA is following suit with the same idea. Paying $50 a year will get you early access to  DLC and weapons, it will be interesting to see how this plan will pan out and if it will work on future BF games like COD elite will.

NBA Live (Elite)

If you know anything about basketball games, you know that 2k sports are the best at it. And last year EA thought it will be a good idea to rebrand the NBA live to NBA elite and put out a demo for it. The reaction to the demo was horrible, the demo had so many glitches and problems which forced EA take a year off the basketball franchise. This year they are back with Live, even tho they did not show gameplay or a trailer for it instead they gave a short sentence to tell the press that is it back. I know people will be interested to see if EA is able to go head to head with 2k on the court or if they should just stick to NFL instead.

Medal Of Honor Warfighter

It is strange to have two games running on the same engine (Battlefield being the other). Basically they are both the same game but BF is more popular out of the two. I really do not think MOH can stand with COD and BF as a FPS.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted (YES!)

NFS: Most Wanted on the PS2 was my favorite game in the NFS universe and I am really exicted to see what Criterion Games will do with the franchise. I played Burnout Paradise a lot and it was the first game I actually bought DLC for (after they released a ton of free content for the game) I CANNOT WAIT!! but I have to say, if Sgt. Cross is not in the game I might be a little disappointed with them.


Far Cry 3

The way the gameplay opened up was quite a shock (I am sure) to most people, but I am not going to focus on that. The game itself is quite good and the villain you are fighting against is on par with the way the Joker acts (from Batman) and I like him. Insanity mixed with a little bit of genius, the perfect combo for a villain (or even hero). Cannot wait to see more about this game.

Assassin Creed III (boat combat)

Ubisoft Demo

I love the Assassin Creed franchise, I love the whole idea behind the game. I am really excited to see more footage on the game, as well as  the boat combat (showcased during Sony’s conference) was good but I believe like the flying sections in the second game (before the DLC) it will be limited. The boat combat looked really exciting and fast paced (maybe a little bit too fast paced from the time period but I do not mind a lot) . Who knows this could also translate into the MP portion of the game.

Sony Boat combat demo

Watch Dogs

WOW. This is a game I am going to have my eye on and really cannot wait to actually play the game. The gameplay demo was really mind blowing, it has an interesting and fresh concept something not done right in gaming industry. Really looking forward to reading more about this game.


PlayStation All Star  Battle Royale

Think Super Smash Bros by Nintendo and you have got the idea of the game. I really doubt the game will do go but it might be a fun party game with a few friends but highly doubt their will be a second one. For some reason one of the characters unveiled during the conference was Big Daddy from the Bioshock games which is not really a playstation character. If some how they manage to get Master Chief into the game I will laugh and buy the game Day one.

God of War: Ascension

Watching a small bit of the gameplay trailer, the game looks like God of war 3 but maybe a little bit better. The game showcased two new weapons and abilities during the demo,  being a demo I hope getting new weapons will not be this fast in the actually game. The ability to slow time is nothing new to the GOW series, it was there in the second game but to use it to recreate recently broke environment  is new but I highly doubt you will be able to use it when you feel like it. And like all God of war games the demo ends with Kraots flying through the air at the boss but this time he was going into the water to fight it.

Last of Us

Naughty Dog is back with a new IP, and man what a game it is. From the gameplay demo you can tell it is going to be more burtal and bloody than Uncharted was. You really feel the tension when you are hiding from the enemy, trying to keep not only yourself live but your partner as well. Who will help out during though battles with the enemy. Another game I have my eye on.


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