Book Review: Neverland(Grimm’s Fairy Tales)

Posted: June 8, 2012 by VerryJerry in Book reviews, Comics, Novels

Neverland is part of the Grimm’s Fairytale universe, but it fits well as a standalone story.

This dark rendition of Peter Pan is an absolute fun read in a swashbuckling Pirates of the Caribbean kind of way.

The story is about one fighting over past demons and coming to terms oneself, in the quest of good versus evil.

The antagonist is Pan(yes Peter Pan) the child who used never want to grow up and now he’s found the key to immortality and a way to rule the realm of Neverland forever. All he needs is a steady supply of children to complete his sinister plans. Once a magical paradise, Pan has reshaped Neverland into the ultimate nightmare for any child unlucky enough to visit. Every child increases his immortality rate as he devours the life essence of children to sustain himself.

Only one child has ever been able to escape from that realm and back to our world- Nathan Cross. Now as an adult, protagonist Nathan or ‘Hook ‘may be the only person who can put a stop to Pan’s madness. Grown up Hook is a broken traumatized person since then, not giving a care for his life.

However when Wendy’s nephews(the lost boys)gets kidnapped by Pan and his lover Bell for nefarious reasons other than just immortality, Hook is the only one who can help her get into that realm.

For one to go into that realm, you would have to believe in Neverland and fairies, but nobody does and neither does Hook want to…

The illustrations throughout are glossy, crystal finished, and colorful. The drawing and backgrounds are very beautiful to the point of mesmerizing.

There’s lot of eye candy for guys( and girls) if you’re into uber sexy women in tights, as there are some sexual overtones .

Nathan cross himself is a ‘cross’ between Captain Hook and Bruce Campbell(when he does show up in Neverland). Also his hook is like a Swiss Army knife for a variety of weapons and gadgets.

Wendy stands well on her own as well. Expect to see all this characters from the original story in big roles and small cameos.

The combat is fast, vivid and heavily action packed but not to the point of being gory. I liked this take on the Peter Pan story, it’s the adult version. Definitely worth a movie in making or at least the story felt like it was a storyboard of a film.

Overall a very entertaining continuation of Peter Pan’s story. Excellent fight scenes, a wonderful plot that blends a little mythology and some fairy tale retelling.

Review Rating:Off the chain!


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