Indie Game: The movie

Posted: June 16, 2012 by solidjackal in Games, Indie gaming, Movie
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This documentary follows the development process of three games on the Xbox; Braid, Super Meat Boy and Fez. The last of which I have not played yet but the first two are really amazing games and are worth looking into. Thanks to the crew at WBIT, I had the chance to watch the movie (they are not responsible for making the movie, I just won a contest and they sent me the movie). Right now the only places to get the movie are at the Indie game the movie website, iTunes and Steam. The movie gives a good insight into indie game development and something worth watching if you want to get into the industry or have a love of gaming.

The movie follows four developers, Jonathan Blow maker of Braid, Phil Fish maker of Fez and Edmund & Tommy creators of Super meat boy. At the time of the making of the movie Braid had already come out and made XBLA records while Super meat boy was 7 months away to release while Fez was no where near being done for it release in the XBLA marketplace in 2010. The focus was more on Fez and Meat boy so Phil, Edmund and Tommy had most of the screen time. Fez is really interesting game to follow because it was released 2 months ago.Fez was first showcased at the Independent Games Festival (IGF) 2008 and was said to be released in 2010 on the XBLA. The game was stuck in the development process because for many reasons and I am really shocked that the game itself was not cancelled by Microsoft as Phil Fish missed a lot of deadlines. As well as having a falling out with his business partner who left the company leaving the game in limbo. You could see in his eyes are pissed off and angry he was about the whole situation, one thing which was really scary was when the director asked “What will you do if you do not finish the game?” he said with a straight face “I will kill myself”. Each and everyone of the developers poured their heart and souls into the game and the idea of kill themselves came up with Edmund and Tommy as well. The stress of working on a game with no source of income for a long time is a real thing most Indie developers have to deal with and hope their game sells well enough to cover expenses during the development. It is really worth watching for some heart warming moments.

I am not really sure why Jonathan was being followed as the game was already made and put on the market but he did show a few concept bits for the game. The only thing it showed him doing was standing at his computer working on a bit of code but nothing really compared to the others. He talked a little bit about the process of making the game as well people reviewing the game which made him kinda of sad. Even tho the game was getting rave reviews from everyone, he said they did not get the true meaning of the game. Showing Soulja boy playing the game was kinda of annoying and it kinda of made sense what he was talking about.

Like I said before, this movie is good if you want to see how small groups of people make indie games or you just want to learn more about the gaming world. This will be a good place to start but the world of Indie started long before 2008 and will continue to grow over the coming years. Especially now as Indie gaming is being put into the spotlight as in the gaming industry. For the most part everything has turned out as well for the developers and no one has killed themselves.

We’re solid gold (4/5)


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