The Dark Knight Rises

Posted: September 17, 2012 by solidjackal in Batman, Movie
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Editor Note:I know this is late but hey better late than never. Also there will be SPOILERS in the “review” if you have not seen it for the tenth time so be warned. 

 The last movie in the trilogy and the last one Christoper Nolan (he has done an amazing job) is directing, is the movie going to end with a bang or poof. After 8 years in hiding, Bruce wayne needs to don the suit again to save the people of Gotham from a new enemy that rose out of the darkness. Sometimes legends must die.

Since the movie has been out for around a month, I am not going to talk about the movie itself but the different comic books that it draws inspiration from. The main idea for the movie comes from Batman: Knightfall. Where in order for Bane to destroy Batman he starts off mentally by releasing all his enemies from Arkham Asylum and slowly watch Batman break down from chasing after each villain. When the time was right attack Batman in his own house, the most ionic scene in the movie (for me anyways, and made me squeal in the theater) was when Bane lifted a beat down Batman over his head and then brought him down on his knee which broke his back. It was amazing! Now I will talk about the redesign on Bane compared to the comics.

In the comics most of Bane’s strength came from the venom that was pumped right into his brain, which increased his muscles tenfold. In the movie his mask sole purpose is to hold back the pain he received in prison. Personally I kinda of like it, made Bane look a little bit more badass. Now to the secret villain of the movie, Talia Al Ghul, Ras Al Ghul’s daughter. I knew she would be in this movie but the way she was introduced was something I did not predict. Regardless, she is present in the entire movie but only shows her true motives near the end.

The other comic book the movie draws inspiration from is Dark Knight returns by Frank Miller. This influence is not as noticeably as Knightfall but I believe you can tell if you have read the book. For starters, in the movie Batman has not be seen for 8 years and in DKR Batman has been missing for 10 years. Granted it is a 2 year difference but it is the same idea an older Bruce Wayne coming back to wear the suit. Next you have the first public sighting of the Batman after his long absents, and older cop tells a rookie cop that he should sit back and relax because he is in for a show. Last one is the support Bruce puts on his leg which is similar to the scene in DKR where an older Bruce puts it on his arm after breaking it in a fight with a gang leader. Christoper Nolan stays true to the Batman mythology while adding his own twist on certain key items in the universe ie his suit and car. As the way he ended the movie leaves it open to a new kind of batman without Bruce Wayne or any other pillars Batman needed most important being Alfred.

That being said I believe if DC wants to make a Justice League movie similar to the Avengers, they need to redo the franchise with a different Batman. Maybe that is why Nolan did what he did with the end. So DC can just use his movie as a starting point instead of having to do everything again but only time will tell if that is true or not. Anyways this is a must watch movie if you have seen the other two or are a big Batman fan.


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