Time Crisis: Looper Review

Posted: October 5, 2012 by VerryJerry in Movie

I have to admit, good marketing goes a long way. September is never really a month for great movies. It’s usually a dormant time for everyone to go to the big screen. Summer’s over and so, it begins: we all have to get back to the grind. Really, it usually tends to be bland that even movies that are being played are either dramas or low-budget action fest. That said, Looper really scores in timing here.

Okay so maybe it came out near the end of September(28th if you want the precise date jeez), it still is the perfect refresher in the wake of action summer. What’s the competition? Resident Evil? Hardly(even though that franchise tends to make millions no matter how stupid it gets) Maybe Dredd might have better chances(and that film my friend, is definitely worth more than any of RE movies combined)

Those movies have come and gone the moment Looper hit theatres. Period. This is by far one of the most original and intelligent sci-fi in the last decade(and my personal favourite since Inception and Source Code). With a budget of 30 million and clever marketing, it is the sci-fi movie of the year (Lockout tried to give us good a sci-fi with a low-budget of 30 million but on the absence of intelligence and Prometheus despite a giant budget and viral marketing could not give us a memorable sci-fi film.)

Make no mistake this will be a classic years from now. Anyway without giving away any major hints or spoilers of any kind, the story is revolves around time travel.Since its creation by the year 2074 , it is immediately outlawed. However heavily used by criminal organizations to send those they want killed into the past(since killing anyone in the future is useless as crime solving techniques has advanced to Minority Report levels) Those sent to the past are killed by “loopers”, assassins paid with silver bars strapped to their targets. Joe (played by rising star Joseph Gordon-Levitt), a looper, encounters his older self (played by Bruce Willis)after his older self is sent back in time to 2044.

At no chance should Loopers lose their targets, because it could alter the timeline and create problems for the future, let alone have higher-ups get antic. Losing your target means having your time loop open(killing your target obviously closes the loop and takes care of that problem) That’s pretty much when Young Joe hesitates and shit hits the fan when Old Joe gets the better of him.
Young Joe figures if he can kill Old Joe, he gets off the hook and the higher-ups don’t send men to kill him, but this gets more complicated because Old Joe has own agenda in the past. Young Joe comes across a mysterious Sara(played by Emily Blunt)and her son who may hold the key to helping him find Old Joe.

That’s as far as you need to know, so go watch the movie. The story has layers and while at first you may be wondering what’s going on, the pieces slowly peel off and add up to a fantastic climax. The star cast does a phenomenal job especially the young son of Sara played by Pierce Gagnon. Joseph Gordon-Levitt really shines through by playing a younger Joe, his mannerisms, facial expressions and vocal tone is spot on, not to mention the make up put to make him look like Bruce Willis. Bruce Willis also does a brilliant job and with his experience in sci-fi and time travel(12 Monkeys) Emily Blunt is a sight to see, her character is complex and full of emotion.

Kudos to Rian Johnson writing and direction. He’s up there with the likes of Nolan and Abrams. One of the film’s amazing point is that it doesn’t try to explain the time travel theorem and even while the film plays, there’s a scene where it silently mocks and tells you blatantly to not worry about time travel too much and just accept it. That’s the heart of this film and that’s why you should go and see it-in theatres!

Rating: Off the chain!

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