Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle

Posted: November 29, 2012 by solidjackal in 3DS, Games
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The fifth game in the Professor Layton series but the first one on the 3DS and this time Layton has been called to a town in the desert to help an old friend catch the Masked Gentleman.

As I stated before, this is the first game in on the 3DS platform but fifth game in the series with the other four being on the DS. This game dwells into the past of Professor Layton before he wanted to become archaeologist by way of flashbacks because of an artifact the professor found in this youth, The Mask of Chaos. Which has now shown up in a desert town causing chaos.  Just like all the other games, the gameplay revolves around solving puzzles with the help of Layton’s two helpers Luke (the Professor’s apprentice) and Emmy (the Professor’s assistant). If you love puzzle games then this series is something you should look into, the game forces you think in different ways in order to solve a puzzle proving sometimes the simplest answer is the correct one (most of the time) . The story in the games are pretty good as well but there was something off about this one, not even half way through the game I figured out some of the “dark miracles” that happened in the game and who the man behind the mask was. That being said their was a few things I did not see coming that took me for a loop and cannot wait for the next one to come out.

Like the other games there is more to do other than  just solving puzzles, there are a three other mini games you can play if you feel annoyed if you cannot solve a puzzle ( I know I had that feeling). You can play with a robot getting through a course, help arrange a shop self so an customer will buy everything on say self and train a bunny to perform in a circus act (I found this one a little bit annoying). The first two mini games is a nice distraction from the main game but just like the other games I did not dwell deep into the games itself just enough to see if it is good or not (also it gets harder and after failing a quite a few times I feel this was the right moment for me to stop)

Overall, it is just like any other Layton game and has all the little extras from previous games like the daily puzzles you can download if you beaten all the story ones. Since this is one the 3DS I think it will a shame not to talk about the 3D part of the game, which is every little. There are no 3D puzzle that need the to have the 3D turned on the system it just makes a nice distraction for a few minutes in the start of the game but aside from that nothing else. Their is a few puzzle that need to you move the entire 3DS in order to have pieces slide in certain directions, cannot wait to see if this is used in more puzzles the next game (and maybe Layton’s last adventure according to Level 5) They have something great with the series the game actually makes you smarter (of the most part), I started to look at problems (real world ones) from different angles sometimes from angles I would not normally think of which then helped me many times.

I cannot state this enough buy these games if you own the DS / 3DS, you are missing out if you are not. If you do not have a DS system then save some money and pick it up you will not regret it, also pokemon. Everyone loves pokemon.

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