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Posted: December 30, 2012 by solidjackal in Games, GOTY, Movie
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It is the end of the year and with that comes a lot of things (and the end of the world is not one of them), one of the main things is Top ten/ five game/movies of 2012. So since I have this site here I thought why not actually play and come up with a list of the games and movies that I thought were good. In this post I am going to list games or movies that I though were good but it not have that special something to make the big list.


AC: Brotherhood

AC Brotherhood The ending for Assassin’s Creed 2 was mind blowing! and it was the first game I actually got a platinum trophy in. Brotherhood had a lot to live up to in terms of story and gameplay. It did not disappoint but since I got the ending spoiled for me it did not have the same effect AC2 had on me. That being said the ability to call in assassin’s to help you kill a target is so satisfying. In the first two games you were alone and had to chase, find and kill targets by yourself and by adding this I finally felt I was part of something bigger. Instead of a alone person seeking revenge on the people who wronged him. Brotherhood was also the first AC game to include mulitplayer aspect to the game but since I was playing it 2 years after it came out I could not experience it till I played AC3. The MP is only fun for the first 5-8 hours after that it gets boring because you have people just running around rooftops, going full sprint at you and just spoiling the whole experience for you. It gets worst when you face people at a higher level then you because they have unlocked items and perks you have no chance of getting in those first few hours. It is still fun but playing with friends will make it better.

Note: Also I was disappointed in AC3 it took SO LONG for the game to get going and I did not really care for the ending of the game. As well as Connor, I did not like him too much but the free running and combat in the game was the best in the series.

Killzone 3


Rico. The most hated person in all of gaming (I believe so), he managed to take a shit situation in Killzone 2 and make it even shitter by the end of the game. Thus leading into Killzone 3, the biggest reason this game is on this list is because the AI will revive you if you die. This was not true in the second game, once you die you will have to restart from the last checkpoint. Which could be really annoying because you miss one enemy who manages to kill you after you clear the entire room. You still get the sense of hopeless as you try to make it out of the planet before the enemy finds and kills you. The shooting feels amazing as does the game. Very little as changed from two to three which is not a bad thing. I have yet to try the MP part of the game but after playing the KZ2 MP a lot I believe it will just as good if not better.

Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle

This game makes you smarter. I know people think video games spoil the brain but they are so wrong. It helps your reaction time, brain power and decision making. I have said everything I can about Layton, this is definitely a game worth playing.

Portal 2

Portal 2

Just like portal but longer. That is the perfect way to describe this game. The original was a surprise no one saw coming, being sold in the orange box bundled with two other big games. Those being Half life 2 and Team Fortress 2. It still managed to be its own game. With the return of Galdos, the companion cube and Wheatley you have to solve puzzle and escape certain death in order to get out of the lab once and for all. Also Space. SPACE!! and the MOON.  There is so many funny lines in the game such will make you laugh non stop (and then you will die, trust me it happened to me) The puzzles are just as hard as the first game and after a few deaths you will understand what you need to do and where you need to go. Portal would have made the Big list but I had to cut it for something else. SPACE!

Super Mario
Super Mario 3D Land

While I was playing this game I suddenly came to the realization that this was the first Mario game I have played aside from the very first one on the NES. I have played other games where mario was in but never an actually mario game, that fact blew me away. So everything in the game is new to me even the 3D levels. That being said the concept of time and life is outdated, I ended the game with around 80 and there is no chance you will run out unless you are really bad. Even then the game will give you a something that will make you indestructible so you can just run to the end of the level without worrying about the enemies (you get this at the end of world boss fights as well) but overall I enjoyed playing in the first eight (be it easy) world the game has. The second eight is where the game picks up, throwing in a few obstacles you have to deal with which makes it a little bit more fun replaying the stages again.


These movies are worth watching but there are another movies that beat these movies out of the Big list.


ChronicleIt is every kids dream, to get powers and become a super hero. This happened to three kids and this is there journey of how the powers changed them. It is a very well done story but the fact that they have to always talk about the camera and how it got there kinda of puts you off it. Then it makes you think, who edited all the clips together and how did they know what clip went where in the story.



Seth Macfarlane first movie. I used to like his show Family Guy but I stopped watching it in the recent season. It has started to get boring and lost its charm must like Simpsons and South Park. That being said I really enjoyed this because of the actors (and Mila Kunis) that signed on. It is really funny but the way Family guys has gone I really doubt he will be able to make another funny movie. Even tho the end gets a little over the top this is worth siting down with a bunch of friends and watching.



Sparkles from this site was the first one to show me the trailer for this movie. After watching it I was not really awed by it, it had some interesting aspects to it but I felt it would not be good. Still I was bored one day and though why not. It is actually a decent movie and a decent plot. There was a twist which I did not see coming at all because I did not think it was possible.



The sole reason Hobbit is on this list is because the movie is being divided into three parts. Before I though the movie would be dragged out and be boring in same parts as well as being a money grab (not really wrong about the last part) but I was drawn into the movie and could not take my eyes off the screen. I am pretty sure Peter Jackson has added things that are not in the book but I will have to re read to be sure of this fact. Also I still believe IMAX 3D and what ever non sense their is in movies is a waste of money, just watch it normally and you will still be drawn into the world of the Hobbit.



I enjoyed watching Dredd back in the day and was happy when they announced they were making a new movie. The entire movie takes place in one place which is good but it is just like Raid: Redemption but not as good as that. Still Dredd is a badass managing to climb 200 levels and killing everyone in the way.


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