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This is it! The list of all list! The OG of the gaming world! (you get what I am trying to say right if not tell me and I will send you a personal list of more describing terms I use to well describe my end of year list [Not really so do not ask])

So why not take this time to read about some of the best games and movies that came out last year (according to me, if you do not like any of my choices well then too bad). Also since I do not like doing things the normal way, I am not limiting my choices to things that only came out in 2012. As long as I played it for the first time in 2012 it has a chance to make the list.

Let’s start off with my favorite movies of this year.


Safety6) Safety Not Guaranteed 

I had no idea what is movie was or even heard about it. The only reason I watched it was because of Jake Johnson (Nick from New Girl). This is really something worth watching because of quite funny and unique, the ending was really shocking. The story is basically someone puts an ad in the newspaper asking if someone is willing to come with him through time. Three reporters head out to see if it is true or if the dude is an idiot.

5) Looper

The idea behind and the movie is truly something special. It is good to see movies force the movie goers to think a little (or a lot) about the concept of time travel and how certain choices will affect the world. Getting Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon Levitt was good choices for the movie. I did not really see the ending coming at all, truly worth watching in the movie theater  and re watching it on blu ray over and over again.

Sipderman4) The Amazing Spiderman

Emma Stone.

Avengers3)  Avengers

Scarlett Johansson and red hair.


2) Raid: Redemption  

This come out last year but I only got the chance to watch it early this year. It is has really good fight scenes, Dredd had a chance to make this list but since the plot was almost the same as this I gave the edge to Raid. It is an Indonesian made movie but do not worry there are subtitles in english. If you get the chance you must watch this movie, I am pretty sure not a lot of people have heard of this gem.

1) The Dark Knight Rises TDKR_Bane_poster-1

The end of the trilogy. Batman re done by an amazing director but still manages to stay close to the 70 year old Batman universe. I was not really a fan about the whole Robin thing in the end, he could have gone with Dick, Jason or Tim. If Nolan picked Jason I might have lost my mind in the movie theater. Also BATMAN!

And now it is the 10 games that left a impact on me long after I finished playing the game.


10)    Darksiders (PC)Darksiders

WAR. You get to play as one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, that alone was the selling point for the game for me. Also he looks pretty badass. That being said I played this game on the PC with mouse and keyboard, holy shit! I was so annoyed at the game and the controls. Normally I always play a game at the default setting to comes with never touching it unless I really had to but in this game I had to do something cannot remember what but the way the keys were set was annoying. The camera pissed me off as well but the reason this is on the list is because I liked the story of the game. You are an outcast because you let the apocalypse happen before its time and now you are seeking out revenge against those who betrayed you. The ending sealed the game for me and I really want to play the second one but I think I might wait for collected version with all the DLC and what not.


9) inFamous 2 (PS3)inFamous

The “evil” ending of the game really got to me and that is the reason the game is on the list. It make me thinking if what I was doing was right or not and having to fight my best friend knowing full well that he could not kill me but I could kill him. It left me emotional. Few games can do that.

8)Heavenly Sword (PS3)HS

Like stated in the beginning was meant mostly for this game, as it was released in 2007. For the most part the other games were released in 2011 but this is the one outlier. Anyways enough of that, on to why the game is on the list. It is a really good game. For one I can guarantee if you are a new PS3 owner you have glossed over this game, hell if you were a PS3 owner when the game was released you glossed over it. If you owned a PS3 when it is released you have a decent reason to not play it, it was a short game with little reason to play the story again (as well as the 60$ price tag) I see that and I understand but now we are 6 years from its release and if you do not pick this game in the bargain bin you are really missing out. The combat , the story is amazing. It was the God of war for the PS3 but the story in this is much better than God of war 3, the way it is told as Nariko is yelling in your face asking you to help her. I really hope after DMC Ninja Theory looks into making another game in this universe.

7) Bastion (PC)Bastion

This game looks beautiful and really unique. The way the world pops up under your feet as you walk, the narrator talking about everything you do and I mean everything. When you die, fall of the platform, etc. The soundtrack, holy shit! It is the first game that I have gotten the entire album for. Usually I like a song or two from the game but they added the music to fit the game perfectly. It is really something you must play to understand the beauty of a game that does not need a big budget behind to make amazing.

ME26) Mass Effect 2 (PC/PS3)

First I played it on the PC I did not really care about what was happening in the story because I knew I will not continue the story but once I started playing it on the PS3 everything changed. I grew attached to the characters and the story, I got really pissed off when I let one of my crew members die. I actually replayed the last mission quite a few times to see if I can save everyone but in the end one member always died. I accepted the fact that I could not save that person so I moved on but playing ME3 I think I might know where I would have meet them if they were still alive. Choice is the main reason this game is not the list because you never know how things will play out just because of one choice you made long time ago (sometimes it might be in the last game) Now I going to start from the start and see how the much the story changes.

5) Mass Effect 3 (PS3) ME3

 The end of an epic trilogy (be it I have not played the first one yet but I still knew what was going on). After hearing about how the internet went wild over how “bad” the ending was but I felt satisfied with the ending. The relationship I made with characters over two games was mind blowing. There is one moment (which I will not spoil) which involves two members of  your crew in the second game (Hint: one created the other). I always wondered if I had taken a different option what would have been the outcome. After that happened I need to shut off my PS3 and take a break. Those are the moments that are hard to create in movies or books and it does not matter how “bad” others think the ending was. The Mass efect universe and the characters in it are truly amazing.

Bayonetta (PS3)

Insane is not really the right word to describe this game but it is the only word I can use. The main character uses her hair as a few awesome attacks as well as her clothes. It is over the top it is nonsense and I could not stop playing it. You really have to play it to understand what I am saying. The only downside I have is the sequel is a Wii U only title but only time will tell how long that will last.

3) Dota 2 (PC)Dota

550 hours or 23 days. That is how much time I have played DOTA2. That is insane for how much I hate the game now. Mostly because of the community (like all MOBA communities) tend to yell at someone and then leave the game causing the rest of the team to leave as well leaving you alone to try and fight off five other players SPOILER ALERT! It does not end well. Aside from that fact the game is really really good. Your first 5-10 hours in the game will be bad but once you start understanding roles, items and how certain heroes play you will like the game. Then after 200+ hours you will reach my point of being pissed off, also I am pretty sure the next stage is yelling at someone and then leaving the game (I can feel it coming over me)

Journey2) Journey (PS3)

This is such a simple game, with only a few buttons that are used move, jump, sing. There is no instructions to the game, it does not tell you what to do or really point you in the right direction. You enter the world and you see a mountain in the distance. That is all the information you have and everything you will find out from me. The soundtrack is amazing  just like Bastion.

1) Batman Arkham City (PS3)

Are you shocked to see Batman top of my list? Yes? No? (btw I do not care what you think) What is not to like about this game? Arkham Asylum was an amazing game and blew everyone and I mean everyone away. No one though it would be good, no one knew a lot about Rocksteady who made only one game before this. Arkham City does everything right, a open world Batman game, ton of villains and so many things in the world for Batman fans. The story is also amazing, only because I have a huge stack of games to play I did not spend a lot of time post end of the story (maybe 2-3 hours I spent running around) and did not touch the DLC yet. It is a must play!


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