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Posted: February 1, 2013 by solidjackal in Rants
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NOTE: Originally I had a slick name for this new post (like all my other ones ) and I had quite a bit typed out but since my computer though it was the because time to restart itself at night and I made a stupid highschool mistake (not saving my work). I lost everything but a paragraph. So now you are getting this unfiltered straight from my brain to the screen, trying my best to remember what I wrote the last time.


There were a few items that have come up in the last few months. I was thinking about making each item its own article but I was too lazy to actually do that and I could not think about a lot to write for it without rambling on (unlikely my college essay). Without rambling on some more the things I am going to talk about are The Reviewer Card, laugh tracks and the laugh is no longer funny. (I still got slick names going on!)

First off I will start of smallish one first, Laugh tracks. I am pretty sure you know what a laugh track is, you most likely have heard of it. I can guarantee you have heard of it if you watch  comedy shows. For example, Big Bang theory, Seinfeld and 2 broke girls (yes I watch that show because of Kat Dennings and this show is mostly the reason I am writing this) even Friends used it.  Normally when I am watching a show I do not pay attention to the background sound but recently everything has changed. I am starting to look at the background character and what they are doing while they in the camera view and so on. Recently (for me) the laugh tracks have become more prominent  Whenever the tracks plays their is a few seconds where the characters on screen do not say anything and that moment gets me really annoyed because the producers of the show think we need a cue to start and stop laughing. Or to tells us, yes this moment is funny laugh now! Their are other comedy shows that do not use laugh tracks and are still funny. For example the Office but since Steve Carell left it just not the same. When he was on the show it was hilarious but that is beside the point, 30 rock is another good show to point out. The next time you watch a comedy show listen for it and see how you feel about it.

Next on my rant is, the laugh is no longer funny. I am not going to talk about the Office because I know where it felt unfunny to me. What I am going to talk about it Simpsons, Family Guy, South Park, Archer and Bob’s Burgers. These shows have one thing in common, they are all animated.  In the case of the first three they are long time running shows and I have a grown out of them. Simpsons is in its 24th season, family guy in its 11th and South park is in its 16th, that is a long time for each of the shows but the last couple of season the shows had lost that spark (well for me) that got me hooked on the show in the first place. In the case of Archer and Bob’s Burgers both are fairly new (Bob newer than Archer) after 10+ season will I feel the same about them as I do about Simpsons, South Park and Family Guy.

Last on the only one that has gotten me and everyone else who has heard about it angry. First off I would like to say I am all for start a business and creating something that does not existed before, more power to you and I hope you do well but not something like this. It is called the Reviewer Card. If you do not know about it I am going to give you a run down of it. You put in an application to the site giving them links to your reviews on yelp, and other similar sites along with 100$ . If you get approved by them they will send you a black card and the next time you go out to eat or traveling you flash the card, then you will be given special treatment and free stuff. If you cannot see what is wrong with this then either you have this card or are thinking of applying for it.

This is an outrage. When a restaurant, movie, or travel location gets reviewed normally the owners or staff do not know it is happens. That is what makes it good, because the reviewer will be experiencing the same thing as a normal person going to that place. That is what people what  to read. If the reviewer shows this card to the manager and says “If you do not keep me free stuff I am going to write a bad review on so and so site” then that review written is not really a true review. If the owner gives in to the demands on the person in question then they should be taken for a ride, if they stand their ground and say no then I will respect that manager/owner.

This site is a review site and everything we have reviewed up to date have been paid by the person writing the review. If we ever are given something for free by the publisher or creator to do a review then it will be put in bold letters as the first line you will read on the article. Also we will be blunt if we like the product or not, there will be beating around the bush and trying to sugar coat things. If we are never given something from that company again so be it but we will still be honest.


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