Guardians of Middle Earth

Posted: February 6, 2013 by solidjackal in Games, PS3
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After playing DOTA 2 for around 650+ hrs I have started to get a little bored of the game. Then BAM! Playstation Plus is handing out Guardians of Middle Earth for free to PS+  members (if you have a PS3 it is worth putting money down for this). This got me a little bit excited because it is like SONY was reading my mind. After playing a few games I believe I am able to judge the game against DOTA (the only other MOBA game I have played)

If you have not already guessed Guardians of Middle Earth is a MOBA for the consoles. I am going to make a lot of comparison to DOTA so take that as you may, that being said I believe this game is really easy to jump in. It also has concepts I have not seen in DOTA, maybe it is in League of Legends but I cannot confirm it. First before I talk about the game, I need to talk about price, the base game is 14.99$  on the PS3 (not really sure how much that is in MS points). Similar games on the PC are free to enter and they make their money in other ways, selling skins, heroes (this game does the same thing but that is not the point) or other cosmetic items. Their is a season pass for the game which is another 15$ on top of the 15$ you have already paid to play. As it stands now, the hero roster is at 26. You have access to 13 ish this includes the featured heroes of the week and if you go through the learning the game in the tutorial they give you Gandalf (pretty good reason to play it). If you buy the season pass you are given four heroes (out of eight) which have been released for “free” but if you do not buy the season pass you can paid $2 for each hero. The rest is locked which you need to buy with in game currency which is earned by playing the game and hitting certain milestones, for example killing 5 heroes without dying, dealing out X damage and so on.

Well now that is out of the way lets start with the game itself. Like I say before there is a tutorial, I suggest you play even if you have played MOBA games before because of the control layout and other things you will learn. If you have not played MOBA and do not go straight into the tutorial then you sir/madam are an idiot. Anyways, lets start talking about the game. You do not have to worry about buying items at the shop when you start the game. You customize a “belt” to use using clothes which has slots for gems which give you stats boost after you meet a certain level on your hero you are playing. The type of gem gives a stat boost and if you filling the two/ three slots in each cloth, then I believe you will get another boost depending on what type it is. You can either buy the cloth or gems with the money you earn in game or increase your profile rank and be give some. It kind of make the game a little bit more simple than a normal game of DOTA. All of have to do is push the lane and hope you do not die. Also you can upgrade towers and soldiers (basically they are creeps) to shoot faster or become stronger but this can only be done once you reach level six and onward.

The main goal of this game is to make everything simple for a new player into this type of game and it does a real good job of it in my opinion. When you play your hero you see the attack range they have as well as the casting range for different spells and if it will hit or not (this is seen with a visible circle on screen).
Depending on the spell or attack it will not go off if there is no hero or solider in your line of attack (which is controlled by the right stick) and attack range. There are two game modes to choose from, one being a 20 min match and the other one being a no time both with 10 players. In the 20 min game if not enough human players are found then the empty slots will be filled with bots and this is where I believe is a good thing for new players because of short games but the bots are set to hard. On the other hand  if you have a game full of bots with you being the sole human then what is the point of even playing? That being said the other game mode with no time limit will wait till all 10 players are human (not really sure how long that will take, I really do not want to find out), for the the 20 min match I have waited max 2 mins before I was popped into a game with a mix of human and bots players (majority has always been bots tho).  Within the no time limit and 20 min to have to different maps you can play 3 lanes or 1 lane. The latter being the shortest game but the most annoying one for me because their was so much happening on screen at one time you can every easy get lost in it. As well as being a melee hero does not help matters either, as I kept dying a lot in this mode to the point where I got really angry.

I say it once and I will say it again simplicity of this game is good for new players but after the hours I have sank into DOTA 2 I felt it was a little too simple for me. I am not sure if you can move from this game to League of Legends or DOTA2 with the knowledge you have and be a little bit successfully. This game is worth maybe 15$ if you are a LOTR but if you are then I bet you are willing to pay another 15$ for the season pass. If you new to the MOBA game type and can get this for free it is worth playing for a bit if not you cannot get it for free but want to play try out this genre then I suggest you suck it up and jump head first into a toxic community and try to learn other better games.


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