Ranting Vol. 2

Posted: February 27, 2013 by solidjackal in Rants

Hello and I am back for another round for ranting, this is going to be fun or boring depending on how I feel.

First off I will start with Aliens, EGM and an editor called Brandon. Aliens Colonial Marines was destroyed by every reviewer on every website and magazine. Normally when a movie based game is bad it is nothing new but this was taken to a whole new level. I should say I care not about Aliens nor have I had my eye on this game as much as everybody else but the amount of backlash that has occurred because of this is worth talking about. The developer of the game is Gearbox, makers of Borderlands and (finishers of) Duke Nukem (this is a different story not something I will talk about now).

Now back to EGM and Brandon, the man who has a unique review of Aliens. Again before I start I normally do not care what people score games, if I liked what I had seen in various videos of actually gameplay and it is from a franchise I like. Then normally I pick the game up (it kinda of varies if it is a day one buy or not), okay back to EGM and Brandon among the shit storm of scores that are 40 and below one review stood out. Brandon’s review with a score of 90/100 , the highest. The reason why I bring him up is not because of the score. It is because of what people are saying to him. Since the internet gives people a sense of courage as well as being anonymous, they tend to say anything which is nothing new to me because they normally have nicknames but when I was reading the comments I saw that all of them were logged into Facebook. I guess the people are starting to gain more courage on the internet. What I don’t understand why he is ripped apart because of how high he scored the game? Majority of the comments said he was paid to write a high score, calling him a idiot and so on. A review is one person’s view of how they felt about the entire experience playing the game. If did does not match what other reviewers have written then someone’s opinion MUST be wrong. Since the reader cannot be wrong they will side with the one who opinion is similar to their own.

Anyways enough of that nonsense. On to the PlayStation meeting and the PS4. Recently the world has found out that the PS4 is coming out in Holiday 2013. They only thing we know about the new system is the what the controller looks like and the spec of the system but not what is looks like. First I will talk about the WTF? Which belongs to Square Einx, showing what I think was a Final Fantasy demo that was shown before that is not the best part of the whole show. The brand manager (I believe) for Final Fantasy walked out on the stage and said, Look forward for E3.

The Good: Killzone: Shadow Fall. I like the franchise, even tho it had bad friendly AI but amazing enemy AI in two. From the tech demo that was shown the game looks like it might be a set before Killzone 2. Just like two and three it looks amazing and has good set pieces as well.

Next what got me screaming like a fanboy:  inFamous Second Son. If you played the game, First son was the term used a lot to describe the people who were able to gain powers but also if you played the second game you know what happened in both the endings and can guess which one they went with in this game. That being said there could be another possibility where the bomb failed to truly kill all the conduits. We can only wait and see what the story truly is and I cannot wait for this game to come out. inFamous is one of my favorite new franchise in the current generation.


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