Ranting Vol. 3 : The Doctor

Posted: February 28, 2013 by solidjackal in Rants, Time Sink
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Here is another rant, pretty fast considering how long from the first and the second one. I am going to talk about a TV show, it is rare for me to talk about only one topic in a rant but I think this is different. This is the Doctor.

Doctor Who? That is the question everyone ask and no one gets an answer for. There are few shows I like and only a few that can make me think in many different levels. Okay maybe I lied I like a lot of shows but the second statement still stands, the ability to think of not one outcome for any situation but every possible outcome. For a long time I thought this was only possible with Sherlock (mainly the BBC show) and a game called Professor Layton. Oh how wrong I was and I am so glad I was so wrong.

The show itself is really old original started in 1963 till 1989 (the year I was born btw), and it was restarted back up again in 2005. This is where my encounter with Doctor Who beings and it is one hell of an encounter. Note: The funny thing is as I am writing this I am watching a episode of Doctor Who and I must said it is really annoying trying to write and watch the show on one screen, I think I need to buy a second screen so it is easy. Anyways back to the Doctor, the reason I am in love with the show is because of the story and the writing. It is mind blowing at how well small words or characters at first have an affect the story on a grand scale which cannot be seen till later on.

I still have not explained what Doctor Who is all about, A person, a blue box (that is bigger on the inside which can also travel in time and space) and a story that spans from the start of the universe to the end and everything in between. Another unique feature about this show is the Doctor itself (in more ways than one), the Doctor does not die but is able to change his form in order to survive (there have been 11 different doctor from the original start to now) and he is the last of his kind as well (in case you cannot tell he is not human).

There is so much I want to talk about but in doing so I will spoil what makes the show great. So I am going to try and be vague as much as possible, like I said before small things will play a big part on the overall story. Thinking about how the timeline works and trying to connect the dots because the doctor does not like doing things in order, in any way. I spends hours trying to figure out all the adventures he has been and how the chain of those events started, what happens if certain events did not happen or not the way we saw it and so on. Once the doctor starts talking he goes on forever and very little can stop him from talking. Whenever the doctor smiles you know that is when the fun is going to start or he just got into something REALLY dangerous and he is over the universe about it. (In case you did not get it, the phrase is “Over the moon” but since he is a time traveler that phrase did not seem to fit him too well) Just thinking about the cause and effect of certain actions and how people play into the different roles can boggle the mind, universe changing moments are started by character that have not been born yet or should be dead when those events started because it is 5000+ years after they were born. This is different worth spending time on to watch and figure out.

When you start watching the show or are already watching the show, the one question you must keep in your mind is the question everyone on the show wants an answer to,



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