Urban Trials Freestyle

Posted: February 28, 2013 by solidjackal in Games, PS3, PSN

The name for the game is  maybe a bit too long and something most people might not glance at again. If you have an Xbox then one word should sound familiar, that word is Trials. It is a 2D side scroller, and you are on a bike getting over obstacles and hazards in the environment. Trials on the 360 and this game are similar in a few ways but still different in a few other ways.


There is kinda of a story to UTF, the world has experience a disaster and you are a biker using the disaster for your track getting from point A to B. I have it shocking their is a story to it be it limited in scope. Their are five world and each world has 8-10 tracks in it. Also there are two type of races, stunts and timed. You will play each track twice in the different types, which kinda of inflates the amount of tracks you can play. Achievement Hunter was a big reason why I was wanted to play Trials and was excited when I heard about this game. For those of you who do not know about Achievement Hunter, you should look it up. After seeing that and see what Trials Evolution is UTF is no where close to that. I think it is not fair to compare both games because Trials Evo is the second one in the series and is a big improvement over Trials HD but nevertheless this comparison will be made and UTF will fall short in all accounts.
Trials 1

You can customize your bike and the character but the only way to upgrade it is by finding money hidden in the map. On the bike you can customize the wheels, chassis and its engine. The latter being the most expensive thing. This will  have an effect handling, top seed and acceleration, you will need to find an optimal combination to fit the two race type till you are able to unlock the highest upgrade in each category. On the character you can change the helmet, shirt, pants, gloves and I think shoes. For what I tell these changes serve no reason to buy them because you are the only person who can see it and you need to use money to buy it. This is a waste of money because if you want to get the fastest time or highest score on a track you will need to upgrade your bike because it is the most important thing you have. The only other player interaction you will have is seeing other player’s ghost. The ghost only appear in the timed track, the ghost is not pulled from your friends list not sure where is the ghost comes from.

In terms of the stunts track there are four different stunts in the track that will affect your score, highest jump, degree of flip done, longest jump, and land closest the center. The game will tell you just before you need to do the trick so you will never be caught off guard. The game has been out of a week or so but already the list had be hacked by a bunch of idiots, one of the records for flips is near 900 degrees it makes no sense. The closest possible degree is near 400 but that is only after I crashed (which does not count because you will be reset to the last checkpoint). Speaking of checkpoints, resetting to the last one or to the start of the map is really fast, which is really helpful because if you have played Super Meat Boy then you understand how angry you will get if you mess up a little bit which in turn affects your score. Which may lead you to screaming and breaking a controller (if the latter happens then you really need to take a break and go outside for a walk).

Trials 2As it is most games, the later levels are locked behind number of stars you have earned till that point. Since I am not really that skilled in games like this so I have not unlocked all of the levels yet. As for the price point of the game, PSN is 14.99$ and for the vita is 9.99$. Maybe the price of the PSN version is a little steep as of now because of the features it has but maybe if future DLC and updates are free then the price might be worth it. I think the game is worth playing it on the go so if you have a vita it might be worth looking into, you will have a little bit more fun because the library for the vita is not that big.


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