Walking Dead Season 1: Chp 1&2

Posted: March 2, 2013 by solidjackal in Games, PSN, Time Sink
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I did the impossible, I spend money on another zombie game I have not done that since Left 4 Dead 2. My stand on zombies in general is well known and I do not hide it. But for some reason I felt that this was different, I spent days figuring out if I buy this or not. So for the sake of this site I took a leap of faith and picked up this game. I do not watch the TV show or read the comics but the game is based on the comics more than the TV show. Which is good for me because I gave the show a shot and it did not hook me at all after the first episode. Enough of that on to the game itself, it is a point and click game made by Tell Tale Games know for making point and click games, some of which are Sam & Max, Back to the Future and the Jurassic Park game just to name a few. I may or may not talk about spoilers in this review, so I will post in bold words spoilers so be warned before you read ahead.

In season one the game is split into five chapters. I believe TTG is working on season two but we will see if I will buy it if I like season one. The start of the chapter it says that choice plays a big role in the game and what you choose will affect the certain situations and characters. The basic controls on the game is really simple, you use the left stick to move the character, right stick to look around the area and depending on what object you look at four buttons will appear on the screen. To use the object you can use triangle, square, circle, or X button. Even in the heat of the moment, if you are used to the layout of the controller there will be no need to look down and figure out which button to press.

(Note: God dam is this game buggy, I did not notice it in the first 20-30 mins of the game but you can tell the game is taking some time to calculate the choices you have made before you can see the next bit. I had a few times where the game froze up for 10-15 secs, other times the audio would start before I could see anything. So far it is nothing big but will see how bad it is after three chapters.)

Note: I was going to make all the chapters in one review but after writing the first two chapter I felt it was really long and it would be better if I split it into two reviews.

Chapter 1: A New Day

You play a character called Lee. You start off the game in a police car, having a conversation with the police officer talking about  you  and the choices that led you here. You do not know what Lee did before this but it is something you will learn soon, on the way to the prison you see police cars, swats vans and helicopters flying into the city which foreshadows the events that is going to happen. One things lead to another and the police car ends up in a ditch upside down and you with a broken leg. In this game every action has a reaction, the same can be said in Mass Effect but Walking dead is different in one main feature. A timer. You do not have a lot of time to choose some options, there will be moments where a timer is shown at the bottom of your options. Sometimes the timer ticks away slowly other times you need a split second to decide what is the best option. The timer does not show up all the time but it is kinda of a nice change because it does not allow the player to take 20 mins to decide what they should do.

The tension in the game is high and it kinda of translates well outside the game to you, with certain moments that will have you on the edge of the seat. You feel what Lee is going through even tho you yourself do not know the full story yet because in the end his actions are yours and yours alone. Back to the game, after limping away for the crash and killing your first “walker”. Which I must say the game make you frighten really well, you find a little girl hiding in a house alone and together with her you must survive. By finding other people to group yo and find food and supplies, also 15 mins from each other you have to make a few tough choices. After certain choices you make, the game will say certain things on the top left corner, for example “X knows you are lying”, “X did not like you did not back him up” so on and so forth. I am really curious to see how this will play out in the coming chapters. After you finish the episode, we get a look at what is coming in the next chapter much like a TV show.

So far I am liking the game but it is more about character interactions than zombies, that element just adds to the tension the other characters and you will feel.

Total playtime: around an hour and a half.

Chapter 2: Starved for Help

           This chapter starts up three months later, and since each chapter was released a month or so apart they have a recap of what choices you made in case you forgot what you have done. I am guessing these are the major choices you did last chapter and will have a big affect on your game in this chapter or later on. The tension in this chapter is high, my heart was beating in quite in a few moments. Just like the last chapter you have to make some really hard choices that will haunt both Lee and yourself, in turn could cause the group you are in to break as well. This is a pretty messed up chapter in a lot of ways but I will talk about that later. First the group learns that getting bit by a zombie is not the only way to turn into a one of them, if the person dies then the body comes back to life unless you kill the brain. This comes into play near the end of the chapter and man the choice I made weight heavily after I put down the controller and think back on it.

The last time we were left off in a motel and now it is well defended against anything the group will face. (Note: The reason why I am being vague about who is in the group is because sometimes you will have to make choices on who you want to save. For what I can tell you and Clementine will be the permanent part because you are looking after her.) Anyways two brothers come looking for gas to power up their electric fence they have up on a farm, they say they will trade food for gas. Since the name of the chapter is “Starved for Help” food rations are running low. The entire chapter plays out in the farm and SPOILERS: Things are not what it seems. One thing leads to another and I lost two people in my group. This game goes out of it’s way to make you feel bad about anything you do, no matter what it is you will always thinking “What if I had taken the other choice?”

SPOILERS: I highly doubt I will play the whole game again but I will always wonder if things in the fridge could have turned out differently.

Total playtime: a heavy burden on my soul! (also around the same time as the first chapter)

So far I am enjoying how the game is laid out, talking to all the characters trying to figure out the best way to deal with certain situations. This story is worth looking into.


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