Metal Gear Rising Revengeance

Posted: March 5, 2013 by solidjackal in Games

There is a quite a story behind this game, it was announced in 2009 as Metal Gear Solid Rising. It was meant to be set between MGS2 and MGS4 but was canceled in 2011 because they could get the swordplay mechanics down properly. Then Platinum Games approached Konami and Kojima to make the game and this is one hell of a game. If you played a Platinum Game before then you know what you are in for. So the name changed to Metal Gear Rising Revengeance and is set after MGS4.  

                    I am a huge fan of the Metal Gear series  but I highly doubt if Kojima did not cancel the game then that product would not be the same as this one. This is not similar to any of the Metal Gear games in any way, which means this may be a good thing for some people. The combat is over the top and insane! And I love every bit of it. I do have one problem with the game because the combos are bat shit crazy and I love doing it then I forget to parry (block) the enemy attacks. Parrying comes into play when you are fighting bigger enemies and bosses. I died a lot because of how cool chaining the combos were but when I died I got really angry and pissed off, which meant I needed to walk away from the game more than once. To make travelling the  map faster and easier, Platinum Games introduced ninja run. By holding down the R1 button you are able to make Raiden run faster and jump onto or over obstacles to get to higher ground as well as deflect bullets shot at you.

                   Now about the story, you get to play Raiden a cyborg ninja samurai . The character almost everyone hated when they first played him in MGS2, which was the first MGS game I ever played. Since it was the first game I played I did not understand why everyone was pissed off but nevertheless I enjoyed the game. After reading what people were saying and what not it made sense but I still liked him. He showed up again in MGS4 being badass and what not people started to like him. Speaking about MGS4 there are a few mentions about the events that happened in that game, talking about the Patriots and SOP, Metal Gear Ray, a Gekko and one other character showing up. That is about it so there is not really a need to play the MGS 4 for that reason only because if you go down that rabbit hole you will get confused fast if you have not played the previous games in the series. Basically what has happened, cyborg’s are only the battlefield. There are no humans to speak of left.

There are a few unique features that this game introduces Ninja Run, Zandatsu and Ripper Mode. Ninja Run is a fun mechanic, making travelling in  a map easier and fast. Holding down R1 Raiden will run faster and if he comes across an obstacle he will automatically jump over it or slide over depending on it. Next is Zandatsu, as you can see in the picture to the left. Time will slow down, and everything else in the picture will appear. With time slow it allows Raiden to slice and dice the enemy any way you wish. Also if you cut them just right you will see a blue spine (in the picture) come out of them, press circle and then you can absorb it to regain all your health and Zandatsu bar to full. It is useful when you can run down of health packs.

Next is Ripper mode, it uses the same bar as Zandatsu but cannot be activated anytime you want. The bar will turn from blue to red when it is ready to use, when it is active it will make you stronger for a short time time. If you get knocked back while in Ripper mode then it is a waste because the bar will drain faster than normally and it is a waste then. It is only usefully against bigger enemies when you are low on health, against bosses it is useless. .

Speaking about bosses, holy shit! You will die a lot unless you are really good at parrying the attacks they throw at you. Meaning you have to know what direction they are coming from and you must have your timing perfect. The game does not hold your hand in the fights, especially the last one. I was stuck on that fight for two days before I gave up and went to watch some guides. Then I found out I was dying in the first phase to the fight and there was three more phases to the fight! I was playing on normal and cannot imagine how pissed off I will get at the higher difficult.

The upside to beating the bosses is you get the weapons they used. The one I liked to use was the first one you get because it flows well into combat and making the combos look insane and beautiful. I blame the combos for making be die a lot, I never knew when it is a good time to stop doing it and trying blocking attacks. That being said, this game is worth playing if you are a fan of Metal gear or not and trust me you will love every minute of it.

Overall I had a lot of fun with the game, it still has the same things you can expect from a Metal Gear game for example when you die someone will yell out your name over the codec. Using a box or barrel to hide in and finding other soldiers hiding in boxes. This is worth playing to see over the top craziness which I believe the main series will never become. Even tho Metal Gear is known for it sneaking around I always felt the need to fight every enemy I came across.


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