Walking Dead Season 1: Chp 3-5

Posted: March 10, 2013 by solidjackal in Games, PS3, PSN, Time Sink
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And here it is, the end of my journey in the Walking dead universe. Man what a journey I have had, also I understand why this game won and is still winning so many awards. Since I am going to be talking about 3, 4 and 5 there is going to be spoilers in my review. You have been warned. In the end only a few will stand.

Chapter 3: Long road Ahead 

After everything in the farm went to shit, and the choices from that are still fresh in everyone’s mind. One more so than anyone else but the tensions among the group get worse. The one upside to the whole situation was finding a car with a bunch of supplies that will help the group to live in the motel a little bit longer. While doing a run into the city you have a made a choice, kill someone who is running around screaming being attacked by the walkers or let her distract all the walkers from you. Like I said in chapter two, this game will make you feel bad no matter what. I left the girl alive but the whole time you are searching for supplies you can hear her screaming for help, I felt bad for her. But in order you for to alive others must die, I know it is a dark outlook but it is true.

This chapter is has the most gut wrenching moments one after the other. First you found out that someone is stealing supplies from the group, so you go around trying to figure out who did it. As you get closer to finding out the traitor, the motel gets invaded by bandits and this is where things are dicey. You are forced to leave the motel in the RV Kenny was fixing and in the rush leaving a lot of supplies behind and to make things worse the traitor is still not found. I know I have said this a lot but I will keep saying it till it is not true, the game handles tension well!

SPOILERS: While Kenny was dealing with a walker that got stuck other the RV. Lily, yourself, Ben and Claire are arguing about who the traitor is. Not able to come to an understanding, Lily pulls out her gun and shoots Claire square in the head.

I was shocked with what happened, my mouth hung open for a long time. So far I lost five people in the group and I always wonder if I could have done something differently to save at least one more person. After what happened to Claire you are given a choice if you want to leave Lily or take her back on the RV and deal with it later. I choose option two which screwed me over in the end, but that comes into play later on.

After we come upon a train, Lily gets lose and steals the RV from us but that was not the end of troubles for the group. Kenny’s son got bit while we were running away from the bandits in the motel. He is starting to turn and needed to be taken care of  because we cannot carry him around with us anymore. Kenny and his family go into the forest to deal with it but before you can get there, his wife kills herself before their son dies. In a single moment Kenny lost his whole family and you cannot help but feel bad for Kenny. No one can deal with all that death and not lost his mind. So far my death count has gone up to seven. Each person still haunts me even now after I am done playing the chapter.

Once we get the train moving, you learn who the traitor is. Ben. I was really angry when I found this out. I really wanted Lee to punch him in the face but I tried to keep a calm mind as much as possible. What was done is done, there is nothing I could have done to change it (maybe). The end of the chapter is maybe the biggest cliffhanger ever. Clementine has had a walkie talkie with her from the start of the season but after the first chapter it broke. I let her keep it because she uses it to talk to her parents (who are dead) in Savanna. The place where we were going to get a boat and get the hell out of here, but the walkie worked and someone on the other side said that he had her parents with him. She should come to him even if I said no.

After every chapter I think there is no way this game can shock me or get my heart beating so fast but every time I am wrong.

Total playtime: Another burden on my soul (same as the other two chapters)

Chapter 4: Around Every Corner

After finding out the walkie still worked everything we have planned has changed, as well as gaining three new people to our group.

Something happens in this chapter which I knew was coming before I starting playing the game but wished it was not going to happen once I got attached to the characters. But I am not going to talk about that now I am going to get the other things that happened before that moment out of the way first. Since each chapter is released a month or two apart, Telltale has a chance to get feedback from the community and make changes to the game. Something not a lot for developers get a chance to do with other games. One of the changes seen right off the bat is shooting. Before you had to move the right stick over the target and then press the X button to shoot, since you have to move your thumb off the stick to press X. I can see times where your aim was off, which lead to people (characters in the game) or yourself dying. Now you can use R1 to shoot, you can still press X if you like but it is nice to know I have another option if I choose.

A lot happens in this chapter which is a set up of the final chapter of the season, so I am going to run through it pretty fast just to get to the good part. We are introduced to new characters in this chapter again and something fairly dark. Crawford, a community that weeds out the weak, old and children so that the strong can live. That in its self is mind blowing, that people will get together and do something like this but in these times it makes sense. Then you meet Molly and another group of people who managed to escape from Crawford before they started killing the weak. Among that group you meet a Veron, a doctor who helps Omid after he hurt his leg jumping off the train a while back. The main reason you have come to Savanna is to find a boat which is Kenny’s plan and by chance finding a boat in the house we were holding up in that is where shit starts to get going.

Since the boat is missing batteries and gas and the only place that has those supplies is Crawford and after breaking in we find out that the zombies found there way into the community. Again long story short, we get all the supplies we need, Molly gets swarmed by zombies after Ben messed up. I left Ben to die so we can get out of Crawford. Veron the Doctor thinks Clementine is not sure with Lee anymore and must find a better people to be around, he said his group will serve as a good place. After traveling this long with Clementine I was pissed off that he would even said that and told him to leave. Lee gets bit, I was shocked at first but deep down I knew it would happen.

I think this is the best part of the chapter. Like I said in the start of this review, I knew something like this would happen but after getting so attached to Lee and everything that has happened around me I thought Lee and Clementine would be permanent characters in the game. Now the hunt is on to find Clementine before something happens to her and get out of the city to find a better place to hide out.

The end is near. For who is the ultimate question? (Doctor Who?)

Chapter 5: No Time Left

Two things are on your mind, where is Clementine? And how long do you have left before you turn into a walker?

Now from my original group I started the game with only Kenny, myself and Clementine is left. Then you got the two new comers Omid and his wife. The numbers fall fast in this game, every time someone new is added in there is a good chance either they will die or someone else in the group shall.  After playing the game for so long and making hard choices, I started to become Lee and I felt attached to Clementine and tried to making sure every choice I made was good for her. So I thought it will not be a good idea to tell everyone I got bitten till I found her. The option was there to tell them but what was running through my mind was they would have to kill me on the spot because that is the something I would have done if anyone of them was turning.

Since Lee was confronted by Veron about how safe Clementine really was, the logically option is Veron took her away.When you head to there hideout you see it is empty and there is no sign of Clementine or Veron. Of course the place gets surrounded by Walkers, while I find out the guy on the walkie talkie took her.

Note: I started this off as a review, trying to be professional (more or less)  making it third person but I cannot help but make it first person because of everything I had done with Lee and Clementine. There is a big part of me in Lee. So this turned from a review to a personal entry of me living through this disaster (hopefully).

After fainting from the bite and waking up, I had a choice to make. Deal with the bite or ignore it for now. The way to deal with it was cutting it off, holy shit. Earlier I had to cut someone leg off but I do not think I could look at the screen while Lee was doing this. His scream for pain, I think I would have passed out after 2-3 cuts on my limb. Even thinking about that now my arm twitches a bit to make sure it is still here. For the rest of the game you have one arm which will make some task hard to do and it was really hard for me to look at Lee without glancing down at his arm every few secs to hope it will come back.

You head back to the house to see if you can find any other clues as to where the man on the walkie talkie has taken her only to find Kenny, Omid and his wife trapped in the shed. Veron and his group jumped them and took the boat for themselves, it goes to show you can never truly trust anyone no matter who they are. Of course the first thing the notice is the missing arm and it is kinda of hard to hide what happened anymore. One thing I did not guess was the reactions I was going to get, well from Omid and his wife, Kenny was just what I though it would be. Anyways we find out Clementine is in the hotel where her parents stayed when they visited the city (before the walkers came) and we make our way to it by rooftop and again another sad event happens.

I dropped my walkie talkie into one of the buildings and Omid’s wife jumps in to get it but cannot get back out. After making a failed and loud attempt to get her out walkers appeared from the shadows, so Kenny jumps in to save her and that is the last I see of him. The person who has been with me form the start, a friend I will see no more. This game really knows how to tug at your heart string and make you start tearing up. Still I have to move on to get to Clementine and with only three of us left we have to move on to save her. The only way to get to the hotel is to go through the walkers on the street and since Lee is already bitten it is better for him to do it while Omid and his wife find another way because they have to look after Clementine.

I rate this moment second on the list of “moments my heart nearly stopped beating while playing this game”. I get to the guy holding Clementine and this is where I felt the game lose a bit of greatness because I had to count for everything I have done till the. Then people I let die, the choices I made and so on. This person was not really a random person going after Clementine, after the farm the group comes across a car filled with supplies that lasted for a long time. It turns out it belong to him and his family. I felt that was the only choice I should have been held accounted for it I did it or not, I did not see a point for him to ask me question after question. If you are wondering how he knows about all of this, Clementine told him everything over the walkie talkie.

One thing leads to another and you end up killing him and the next moment ranks number one on the list of moments my heart nearly stopped beating while playing this game (I need to think of a shorter name). The only way out of the hotel was by walking through the streets among the walkers, the first time was bad but I had to do it again. This time I will not be drawing attention to myself, and this is every I yelled at the screen telling Lee to move his ass faster. Half way through the crowd Clementine sees her parents and Lee faints.

This game will not allow you to pick your jaw off the floor or let you breathe normally, I am pretty sure I was not breathing for a good two minutes and I may have blacked out. Lee walks up in a shop looking pale, and this is where I cried. I have felt sad during a game but nothing drew me in like this game. Handcuffing yourself to a heater, you tell Clementine to be strong, leave the city and look for Omid as you drift into death. That moment when she was crying will stay with me for a while, I could not bear seeing myself die (Lee).

As the credits rolled, I wiped tears from my eyes thinking back at the people I lost along the way and most importantly what about Clementine. Normally video game children you have to protect and guide to either the end of the game or a certain point and I always feel they hold me back. If they die because of some stupid reason then I hate them even more but Clementine was different. I cared for her more so than any other character in the game.

After the credits I believe there was a hint into season 2, you see Clementine alone wandering the country side and in the distance sees two people who were walking along and then stops. I believe I am finally able to define why I do not like zombie games. All of the zombie games I have seen are mostly shooters, there are a few that are not but those are few and far between. That being said this game is worth playing, there is nothing like this on the market. Another reason why I like this game is because of the trophy list, they give you a trophy for finishing a chapter in each episode. Does not matter what choices you make in that chapter, most games with choices normally have trophies that say “side with x”, “side with y” and so on. If you are a trophy hunter then you will play the game multiple times to get all the trophies. Me on the other hand when playing games with choices I normally do not play it a second time because I am happy with how MY game turned out and do not care too see the other ends or what not.

For Clementine!


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