Bit.Trip Presents Runner 2 Future Legend of Alien Rhythm

Posted: March 15, 2013 by solidjackal in Games, PSN, Time Sink
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God Damn that is a really long name. So for the purpose of saving time I am going to be calling it Runner 2. The Bit.Trip series started off in Japan on the WiiWare made by Gaijin Games, with Atari style graphics or otherwise know as Retro graphics. There are seven games in the series and of them are rhythm based with timed button presses. As you can tell Runner 2 is the first game to have a number beside the name (making it a squeal just in case you missed what I was saying), also it is the first game to come to the PS3 and 360 as well as the PC and Wii(U). Also in the summer there is going to be a VITA version of the game, I can see this being fun to play on the go and make sure you have headphones plugged in so you can listen to the amazing music. 

The first game, Bit.Trip Runner, followed in the vain of the games made before it pixelated graphics and rhythm based. Unlike the other games Runner had a Commander Video (or at least you could see him) and it is a side scroller runner. Which means you have no control on the motion of the character, you can only control jumping, sliding and other ability the game might have. Runner 2 is no different from Runner 1 in that part but has changed in so many other ways.
Runner is a timing button based game, you have to press the correct button at the right moment or you will be sent back to the start of the game. In the first game this was really annoying because quite a few times I reached the end of the level just to trip up and be sent all the way back to the start. To the point where I did not even beat the first boss in the first world, the game was insanely hard.Well not hard just really annoying when you messed up. Runner 2 can be like that but only if you want it to. It is the first game in the series to include a checkpoint system which will save a lot of angry from myself (well for the most part). But if you want to play it like the first runner game you can jump over the checkpoint (gaining 50,000 extra points to add to your point total). I was doing this in the first world but after a while you will need to use it because you will mess up a lot in the later levels and worlds.

There is a story to the game (not sure if there was a story in the first one), Commander video and his friends were chasing after Mingrawn Timletot through space and then suddenly a beam of light comes out of no where towards the group. Commander Video (being the hero he is) jumps in front of it to save the rest of the group and is sent to another reality. Now he must run through different levels in 5 different worlds making friends along the way and trying to find a way out of this reality and back into his own. There is 8 playable characters to play, two are unlocked from the start Commander Video and Commandgirl Video (his love interest from the first game). Another character to unlock is retro Commander (how he looks in runner 1), to unlock this character you have to find and beat all 25 retro levels hidden in the 5 worlds. It will show up as a game cartridge in the level, all you have to do is jump into it and you will unlock it. Each world has its own character you can unlock which I will explain later in the review.

The game is simple, just keep running by avoid everything that comes in your path either by jumping over it or sliding under it. Everything is done based on the music that plays in the background and as you get closer to the end of the level the music is faster and a little bit more intense. Every object and enemy is placed in the game world with a reason, when you jump you will hear a note, when you slide under three enemies there will be a beat for each of them to go along with the music. In short what I am saying is crank up your speakers when playing this game because the music is amazing.

Even tho you are moving from left to right on a set path, there are times when are able to take different paths with different levels of difficult. Just before you come to a split in the path you will see two arrows in three different colours, red, green and blue. The red arrow shows a hard path while the green on it easier. The blue arrow will lead you to another exit which will lead you to another level in the overmap. If you beat that level (not really hard) you will unlock a new character you can play as and there will be one blue arrow per world. This game is worth looking into if you are a fan of the series or if you are new this is a good starting point. The whole point of the game is gameplay not the story so even if you don’t understand it it is okay, you can hop on a Wiki page to read the story if you really have to.

Not sure if I have said this or not but do you know that the music in this game is amazing?


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