God of War Ascension

Posted: March 17, 2013 by solidjackal in Games, PS3
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When I picked up the first God of War, I had no clue what I was getting into. Man what a hell of a ride it was, it had an ending that I believe is amazing. Since then I had picked up every GOW game day one and Ascension is no different but unlike the other games I had no idea what I was getting into, I wanted to keep my experience fresh as I did with GOW 1. It is also the first game to have a mulitplayer portion to the game. So the question now it, Did they add MP on just because everyone is doing it, making the MP feel forced in a game that did not need it?

The answer to the question is, NO but I will get into that later. First the story, O my God (of war) I am torn in so many ways. I have enjoyed all of the games in the series but this is the first one that left me feeling so confused most of the time. I did not care about who I was fighting at all, sometimes I forgot what I was doing because I was so bored by the game. Do not get me wrong there are still moments when I was taken aback by the huge set pieces the game has but it is kinda of pointless pulling the camera all the way out while I am in a fight. In that moment, I always lost where I was till I either started a combo thus making his blades light up or you see something sent flying in the air or thrown across the arena (more often than not it was me).
The more I think about the story and what to write about it the more sad I get. Mainly because I was not really sure what I wanted with the ending or the whole story in general. Kratos has managed to kill off the entire Greek mythology over five games, so with the sixth game they were reaching far outside the common knowledge of Gods and Heroes in Greek Myth. Majority of the game is told by flashbacks, which kinda of annoys me a little bit. If you played the demo that was released it is the same opening, one thing the game is missing is the power fantasy. At the start of the game, you have your blades maxed out and maybe some magic. You are wrecking house, you are a beast a juggernaut A GOD! Nothing can stand in your way but as you continue down the opening slowly you are stripped from your powers and are sent back to the zero and this is where the game start. It is fine if you do not have this but having your blades at level 1 when you go into a flash back and when you come back from your day dream suddenly you have abilities and the blades of chaos are at level 3. Normally I do not think plot holes because I am drawn into the universe I do not really care but since I was detached from the story that was the first thing that came to my mind. Well after the second flashback I was think about it because I did not care about the story anymore.

Also from the opening of the game to the first flashback which is around 30-40 mins Kratos does not say a word, I found this strange when I realized it not sure why I did but I did. So far I having only been venting not angry but disappointment in the game. I am going to talk about some of the better things about the game, HINT: most of it is not in the single player. It is in the multiplayer, I cannot believe I am saying this but the MP is actually not all that bad. The way they introduce your multiplayer character is well done, in the first level when Kratos is trying to escape. He breaks into to another cell where a warrior asks him to help him and then the boss bust into the other side of the room. Just before the boss can kill him, he ask for help from the Gods and then his disappears. When you jump into the multiplayer menu you will see the same scene but this time you will see if from the warrior’s POV. HINT: You are the warrior.

Once you are saved by the Gods you have swear an oath to one of them, Zeus, Ares, Hades, or Poseidon. If you want to change your mind later on do not worry you can change your allegiances to other God. Each God will give you access to magic and amour you cannot get with the others. There are only 4 game modes you can choose from, Favour of the Gods, CTF, DM and a Horde mode (alone or Co-Op). Aside from the Horde mode, each mode supported either 4 or 8 players. This makes maps and matches fast paced as well as fun. There are few games where I will play the MP or at all. I mostly stick to SP or games I can play locally but I think I may sink a few hours into this game to get to the highest level with each God. Or at least till I get bored and try something else. Everything you learn in the SP combat translates into MP really well, once you get the controls and combos down you will have a fun time. Another thing I like about MP is the maps itself. There is always a lot happening in the background and when a special event will happen on the map shifting the balance of the power to one side.

If you want to pick this up based solely on story and do not care about mulitplayer then I say wait a year till the prices drops because it is not worth the 60$. Trust me on this, I never said that especially about a franchise I like. You can save your money to pick up Metal Gear Rising or maybe DMC (which I do soonish, hopefully, maybe). If you do not care about any of the two games I mentioned then this game is not for you. If for some reason you do want to pick it up, force three other friends to buy it as well so at least you have a group of people you can play with.

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